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problem with friends

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by daggakwagga, May 11, 2004.

  1. Ok, some of my friends who are really goodi goodi, are worried about my marijuana "addiction". Lol. well they are always concerned and i try to tell them about how weed aint that bad for ya. but no...shit face mcgee the dare officer never lies. i tell them over and over again but i keep trying and they still think its bad.. goddam help me someone what should i do
  2. Send them over to erowid and let them read the facts. Or smoke them out and make them feel the experience for themselves.

    edit: ANd tell them to stop watching those stupid ass truth commercials that say FRIENDS! = THE ANTI DRUG!
  3. I guess I was lucky, we had a guy come in to lecture our school when I was in HS. People who used to bug me about smoking stopped after that cause the guy gave a whole bunch of information about how everything else is so much worse. But then again all my friends smoke.
  4. let them have their own opinion...your probably not going to change there minds..ask them to respect your opinion and stop harassing you.
  5. lol/let them think what they want to,if they dont want to smoke their missin out..
  6. yes indeed, smoking marijuana IS the equavilant of drowning best tell you friends that if they dont do something quick youll drown! and if they dont they are bad friends ;) ...

    trying to play on emotions ...if you dont stop your friends drug use your a horrible friend! its your fault! you ruined their life!
  7. aaw ya cant say drop'em....just askem to respect your opinion on your choice to smoke.

    if i dropped my non smoking not have any
    but my non smokin friends respect my choice to do and ones on heavy depression pills.they both joke theyd be better off smokin up with
  8. haha, god damn those truth commercials. they are so gay.

    'hey, what are you doing here bob?'
    'we need to talk...'
    'yah, about you being a little pussy and not letting me live my own god damn life and letting me make my own decisions.'
    'no, about your marijuana use'
    'bzzzz, wrong. try again asshole. how about we discuss how nobody will ever find your body...'
    ::pOP:: <--- gun
    ::bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:: <--- woodchipper
    murder, your anti-"fake friend"

    what? no? oh well, i tried.


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