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problem with friend?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by folied, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. I got into a huge fight with my friend today and almost went into a fist fight. I was telling another friend of mine how I got caught by my dad (involved me smoking a small bowl in my backyard) and my friend starts making fun of me for smoking alone. Then he proceeds to flat out call me a fucking loser for smoking alone and we really get into it and I was about to fight him.

    What are you guys views on smoking alone? Do you have any friends like this
  2. Smoking alone can be really enjoyable if you're doing something afterwards, like going somewhere or mowing your lawn. Just smoking alone and then sitting around can lead to being sedentary and becoming that age-old stereotypical stoner.

    Edit: I have friends like this too, but I usually try to stay away from people like that because they're often closed minded and obnoxious.
  3. hell no, all my friends smoke alone, even myself..
    there is nothing more relaxing then chillin at home, smoking up a nice bowl and just relaxing..really...thast the worst thing ive ever heard, someone callin you a loser for smokin alone, id suggest finding new smoking freinds, asap.
  4. Nothing wrong with smoking alone. Dude, the herb is not only about smoking with a large group of friends. It can also be enjoyed alone.

    Your friend sounds like an asshole. Honestly, if he really flat out called you a loser just because you smoked a small bowl alone, than just forget about him. Not worth having around unless he can open up his mind.
  5. He was jealous because you didn't invite him to smoke with you. :D
  6. There's absolutely nothing wrong with smoking alone. I enjoy it just as much, and in some cases more, as smoking with my bros. Sounds like your friend just needs to mature up a little bit

  7. yes he did really flat out call me a loser for smoking a small bowl alone. he has a rep for being an asshole too.. but just the way he said it was really dick.
  8. ^^ i think you got the answer right here. but i love smoking with friends, but i love smoking by myself even more, theres nobody mooching, hogging the l, or talking to much, and i dont have to share my food with anyone. :p
  9. Smoking alone is great all the stoners i know prefer smoking alone i like it best alone or with 1 other person tops. Enjoy the weed and fuck your friend.
  10. FUCK them, those arent your friends. Friends accept you for who you are.
    There is absolutly NO problem with smoking alone, if they only smoek socially they arent real smokers if they have never smoked alone. When you are by yourself you can really reflect on things without the pressure and influence of other people. its just you and your thoughts. I smoke by myself a majority of the time because
    1. More bud for YOU.
    2. Noone to look after, you can really enjoy yourself.
    3. No stress or anxiety from being around people you may not be comfortable with
    there are more pros/cons but these are the big ones.
  11. Yes, i used to have belligerent friends, but no i have never been made fun of for smoking alone :confused:

    Thats just dumb, who doesn't love laying in bed a puffing a bowl listening to some Red Hot Chili Peppers :smoking:
  12. I prefer smoking with people though I have smoked alone on several occasions so I can't really see what could give me the right to mock my friend for doing such an action. :confused_2:

  13. Yeah....NO. Friends make you a better person. Somebody who accepts you for who you are is holding you back. You want a friend that challenges you. You want a friend that argues with you, you want a friend thats willling to push you to make yourself better. If i were your friend, i would of done the same thing.

    Now, as for the smoking alone part, why? Why do you smoke alone? If your bored, find something to do! Stimulate your brain. Save the weed for when your with friends, so that even if you dont chill with them that often, your tolerance will be low, thus you will be getting higher.

    You know what i mean? Plus smoking alone promotes anti-social tendancies in large doses, and well fuck, thats just no good. Basically what im trying to say is that your not really doing yourself any good smoking alone.

    Hope i helped in some way, not trying to be a downer here.:smoking:
  14. Fuck that Smoking alone is primo. I love being in my own thoughts, or reading a book, and not have to worry about people talking about how high they are or how good the weed tasted, I know how high you are we smoked the same shit and I know how it tasted I tasted the same shit. Sometimes its nice to get stoned and just kick back and not have to think about other people. Unless you have really chill people to smoke with then smoking in groups can be as equally as fun.
  15. His friends shouldnt make fun of him and call him a you disagree, it is good to have friends to smoek with sometimes, but if they are trying to tell you what you do is wrong or try to change you, you should dump em. What if you had signifigant other that said you shouldnt smoke at all..what would you say to that? I know theses are two differnt things but i am just trying to make a point here
  16. I'm sat alone now, it's 20 to 2 in the morning, i've insomnia.. nobodies going out tonight because everybodies still wrecked from yesterday/this morning.. soooo *sparks up*

    anybody joining me?:p .. if i'm gona be known as a loser for smoking alone, then fuck yeah!! i'd proudly be the biggest fucking loser on the planet :p

  17. so true guy..o so true
  18. I used to think it was lame when my friend would smoke by himself, but now I do it now too so it's not really that bad.

    I occassionally just pack myself a snapper have a little bite to eat, maybe play my trombone, listen to some good music and then go to bed.

    Those are a few things you can't do with other people while high. I enjoy both, it's nice to have another person there so you can laugh at stuff.

    Now if you're drinking by yourself.... that's not good lol
  19. The dude is clearly mad about something else. But who cares? In my world, no one gives a shit what anyone else thinks. You do what you do, if someone has something to say, they say it in a respectful way. There's an old saying: "don't start no shit, won't be no shit." Someone who starts that kind of shit isn't your friend. If you finish the shit with him he won't be as inclined to start it in the future.
  20. Well to be honest if you werent smoking alone like a loser none of this wouldve ever happened

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