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    I have 20 clones that were all started at the same time and from the same plant. They were planted outside, all in the same soil mixture. My problem is that 11 of them seem to have stunted growth. They have only grown to a height of 1 and a half feet as opposed to the remaining 9 that look normal and have grown to about 3 to 4 feet tall. I could say the best way to describe them is that they are retarded. The leaves look funny in that they grow only one to three blades. The leaves are so dense that you cannot see the stalk from bottom to top and they have started prematurely flowering. My question is, What would make 11 out of 20 clones, from the same plant, be so different than the remaining 9 that are doing fine?????? Could it be that the location of where the clippings were taken off the mother plant might be a factor? Is there a right place or a wrong place to take clippings for clones off the mother plant? :confused:

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  2. Here is what the healthy plant looks like>>>>>

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  3. As this is the Sick Plants Section, not many here are into Healthy Plants, post up your problem, however from what you describe is a nute problem, flush the troubled plants with air temp. water 3x the volume of the pot, although you say they were planted outside, in the ground?...still flush.
    The location of the cutting to clone has little bearing on the development of the clone, soil and nutes do...Flowering already? is a timing/light issue or maybe 'auto' type genetics

  4. Anyone have any ideas on what could be up with my clones. I will add that the plants are short, bushy and only have one, two and three bladed leaves. Again, they look retarded or mutated. They are so bushy that you can't see the stalk from top to bottom.

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  5. That's weird. I've only heard about this when growers had 24/0 or 18/6 or some type of indoor lighting schedule, then moved them outside and the clones kind of got confused with the change. Almost like revegging, but not quite full blown.

    You didn't say the strain, but would they happen to be white widow or any white strain? The two times i've seen this, they were both white widow.

    Also another thing could be cold temps 60 F or under.
  6. The strain is God Bud........Well these clones were started in a grow room till they were about 8in. tall then put outside so that may have been the cause. I would just like to know if there is an explanation for what happened or if it was something genetic and if anyone else has seen this happen before.

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