problem with clones ... looking kinda dead

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  1. I have two plants that were doing ok ... in veg state.  I took 2 cuttings off of each. 
    I trimmed them, following YouTube videos and tutorials from here.  
    I used some clonex, put them in rock wool.  Once the roots started to show in the bottom, I put them in Coco cups, with some Fox Farm Ocean Forest ; still in the rock wool.  
    A friend warned me that they will probably wilt, and to not freak out.  This was about 10 days ago.  
    The soil seems to dry out faster in this setup.  But I'm pretty paranoid about over-watering!   :)
    This Monday am, 11/10, 2 of the 3 look pretty dead. 
    I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  Clearly something.  I thought I had a "green thumb"... maybe not.  
    Is there enough info here to get me into the ballpark of what I'm doing wrong?  I'll be happy to provide more.  I'm still learning about what is relevant.
    Thanks in advance for any help,


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  2. U ph ur cube. An also u need a humidity dome for at least 24 hrs my boomb out keep nice temps when ur clones in dome

  3. Well, when they were in the rockwool cubes, they were under the dome.  I took them out while moving the whole shebang to the COCO cups.   Are you saying I should have left them under the dome for 24 hours after doing that?  If so, that's a step I missed. and it does make sense. 
  4. Thanks mango420... I followed your advice.  But I also found that I haven't been giving them enough light.  
    I also am checking humidity under the dome , and it's up to around 92%.... so, between making that transition and adding more light, I think I've got THIS issue somewhat under control, and am making progress. 
    My plants seem happier ... they just can't tell me what's wrong!  :)  that is, when we have a problem.  
  5. I usally dome them for a week then they ready to go

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