problem with a few veg and flowering plants, please help~

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  1. I have recently put few of my flowering plants into flower, and all the lower new growth start to turn yellow and die except for the top growth. the stalks of the lower new growths r pretty soft and i read that its lack of boron, or a bit too much? i flushed all the plants with Ph'd water, and c if its gonna turn fine. suggestions anybody?tons of my new growths have died so i had to cut them down, please help, thanx. lower new growths starts with yellowing and turning a bit brownish.leaves can turn grey, and the stalks become very soft.

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  2. What have you done differently. What ppm are you adding nutes at. Have u ph'd your soil? Do u have any pests? How do the plants look in veg room?
  3. nothing different. starting to have some fruit flies around. i dunno about the ppm, but the warter im watering s about 6.4~7, and the soil r about 6.3~7. im gonna just give them plain water this week and add nutes after to c how it goes. i flushed all the plants yesterday, and c if it turns fine. i flushed three of the plants, and they tend to get better now, so i hope all of my other plants ll b fine. i researched and it seems to b too much boron, but not sure if the main problem s that, so i just flushed all of them:(

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