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Problem With 7 Day Old Plants

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by berry1, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. So i have 17 auto blueberry plants in 2L soda bottles that sprouted on the 7th so exactly 7 days old today. On the 12/12/13 i lowered the lights from 3 feet away to just 2 foot away from the plants. The next morning the plants did not look very good and a couple of the leaves where pointing up not just at the tips but the whole leaves curling upwards.
    Yesterday i raised the lights back to 3 foot away and after checking on the plants again today ive noticed nearly all of them are curling up and do not look healthy at all much worse than yesterday when i checked on them.
    Also have some seedlings in 5oz cups and they are not showing any signs of this issue with the plants that are in the 2L soda bottles so i dont think its my soil mix? im using John Innes #1 seedling mix it does have time release nutes in it though.
    Heres a picture of the seedlings in the 5oz cups that seem to be un effected.
    Anyone have any idea as to whats causing this situation? i could just be overreacting as usual but with my limited grow experience (only one prior grow under my belt) thought i best ask the expert growers :)

  2. I've had the same thing happened bro and if you're not feeding nutrients like I wasn't it might just be the four leaf because mine came out curled up like that but my next set a leafs are just fine the whole plant was okay.. check pH maybe
  3. By the way I'm no expert
  4. Color seems good just curled up a little bit I believe you're fine man just let it ride out
  5. Oh yeah do you have holes in the bottom of those containers if not you need to put some
  6. These are tall tell signs of heat stress. It doesn't look too bad though and since they are so young they will bounce back in a few days no prob :)
  7. Thanks for the replies dont think i have a ph problem as one of my other hobbies is fishkeeping and my aquarium water is regularly checked and comes out at a ph of around 7. 
    Guess im just over worrying as usual lol heat stress makes sense as i did lower them lights far to early no doubt it didn't effect the 5oz cups because they are only 4" tall where the bottles are over 12" so the plants are closer to the light in the 2L bottles. 
    Its fine to water them every 2 days right? providing the soil is dry on the tops and first couple of inches down? 
    Cheers :)
  8. I'm betting ph. Test the runoff. Doesn't really matter what the tap water tests.
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    Ah you mean my soil ph could be widely out? i used john innes #2 last time so never used this type of soil before but hope its not a big difference as cant transplant these autos :(
    Will check ph though :)
  10. Seems like heat stress to me.
  11. My vote is heat also. move the light back down and put a fan on em to cool the lights heat. Look healthy
    tho, Good luck
  12. Followed everyones advice and put the light back to 36" away things seem to have improved although some of the leaves are out of sort and twisted. Im assuming this is just from the heat and light stress but now im noticing yellowish marks on the leaves this is a terrible explanation of the issue so i will just post some pics.Any idea what could be causing this people? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Anyone have any advice regarding this ? as if it is a problem want to nip it in the bud literally lol incase the situation gets out of control thanks :)
  13. My bet...ph is low locking out calcium and mag..check your runoff bet your at 4 or lower

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