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  1. Okay, so my seeds are germinating now and they're about ready to be put into the rockwool... one problem, I ordered my pH tester on the internet and it hasn't arrived, so I can't soak the rockwool cubes in pH 5.5 water...

    The hydro shop around here only has expensive pH testers that I just can't afford... can I wait a couple of days and let the seeds keep germinating in the paper towel? I have a feeling that's just not going to work out very well...

    Another option I hope might work is this: I'm going to be using the TechnaFlora Recipe for Success and it says to create a solution of Thrive Alive B-1 Red and water and use that to soak the rockwool... and it doesn't have a pH to set it at so will that work for me, or would the pH still need to be at 5.5?

    Any help greatly appreciated!
  2. Are there any swimming pool/hot tub places in your area? They'll carry the cheap pH test kits. Wal-Mart may even have something like that in stock.
  3. take a sample of your water to a pool supply place. they can test the Ph in the water for you, possibly even for free. that will at least give you an idea how close you are to the desired Ph until your meter arrives :smoke:

  4. Yea they will do it for free. But still it wont be too bad to wait a few days while germinating. You just have to be VERY careful when planting them. They're at there most vulnerable while in this process.
  5. I have a cheap pool pH test kit, but the lowest it goes is 6.8

    I'm heading to WalMart now to see if they have anything that may help. if not, I'll try to find a pool store that's open tomorrow.

  6. Okay, on Wal-Mart's site they have a water pH test kit for aquariums... but the lowest it goes is 6.0

    My pH Down says 1/4 teaspoon per gallon will lower the pH by 0.5, so I plan to get the water down to 6.0 using the cheap test kit from Wal-Mart, then add the 1/4 teaspoon of pH Down, and by my mathematics I'll have 5.5. haha, sound good enough to you guys? or should I wait until Monday and see if my tester arrives?

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