Problem...sort of, need advice.

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  1. Alright so my friend got really fucked up at my house last night and left about $120 of some horse sitting here, he has no idea. He thinks he banged up what he had last night, and forgot that he got a new bag. I fully intend on giving it back to him, cause he is a good friend of mine. But, my question here is...I really wanna bang up some before I give it back.

    Should I? This kid wont notice this missing, he has prolly already went out and got a new sack. Any thoughts, and don't tell me its bad, or any of that shit....ive been to top and bottom, and messed around with every drug out in the streets.

    I mean, for real guys, if I give him the rest back, do you think he will get pissed off that I used some?
  2. Yes you should, because you babysat it and protected it, and thus took a small amount as courtesy. Especially since its on him that he forgot about it.

  3. Ok good all I needed was one person telling me. hahaha ive had everything ready for hours, debateing on what I wanted to do. Im still gonna give him back a good amount so I feel its moral for me to take this as a holders fee.
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    No you shouldn't. You're talking about robbing a friend. Sure you babysat and what not, but grow up. It's his money, he spent it, if you wanted some, you should have spent your own cash.

    If my friend ripped off ANYTHING from me, and I found out [which I have in the past] they are not really my friend. Babysitting does not mean you are entitled to his drugs.

    Give it back and be a man.

  5. I mean, I smoked him out last night, he offered it to me then, but I declined...but im out of everything now...and im not gonna be able to get anything untill later on today.

    Any one else>? out there that has advice or .02, I am really conflicted.....this shit is calling my name, and its been a good minute since I have iv'ed anything...
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    So why not call him and say: 'Hey you offered me some of this last night, do you mind if I have some now?" What's so hard about that?

    Be a friend, not an asshole. But if you rip him off, which it sounds like you're going to do anyway and just looking for a reason to justify doing it, there may or may not be consequences. But are the drugs worth the friendship? Is it worth a fight?

    He may or may not find out, but just ASK, it's not hard.
  7. I suppose... Since you found it and all. I know if someone returned herb to me, I would smoke them up, if they haven't already. And I wouldn't be upset about them pinching, since they returned it.

    Then again, it's not the same substance, and I'm not that guy.

    I guess it comes down to how would he react?
    Is it worth risking?

  8. I cant really call him thats the problem, he might call me around 12 or 1 during his break off work. But I cant rely on that, he does not have a cell, only a home phone. he wont get off work till like 4

    At that time, I will be able to score something else, either weed, some dope, or maybe a couple pills. I just need something to take away the pain in my body, my wrist and knee and leg are aching like crazy.
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    Whatever, you're going to do whatever you're going to do and making excuses to do it.

    Rip him off, but I'm sure as hell glad I haven't trusted you to hold my drugs. It's not HIS fault that you have no drugs and you're fiending, that's your fault. You said that this was your good friend, I really question that. Friends don't rip friends off. You are supposed to be able to trust your friends.

    Oh and for the pain, have you tried Advil?

  10. I dunno thats why I came to gc for advice, not alot of people know about my drug life, and I cant go asking some of my everyday friends about this shit, hes never lost anything or left anything at my house. I just dunno how he would react, im thinking maybe a little pissed, but happy that he got 100 worth of dope back.
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    I am not fiending for drugs in any stretch, I am not an addict, I just have severe chronic pain in my wrist leg and knew after my motorcycle acident, and me and this guy have grown up together, when he moved here like 9 years ago from sweden, I helped get him use to everything in america, and I got him all his first connects for whatever he needed.

    And, the reason I have no drugs, is because me and him indulged last night and smoked like 3 grams of bud in blunts.

    I just wish he had a cell at this point so I could call, I really dont wanna piss him off, but its acutally starting to hurt even typing in my wrist now.

    I broke every bone in my arm from elbow down, shattered my femur, and still have a surgery left on my shattered knee cap. I take over 12 motrin or ib profin(sp?) a day, and that does just enough with weed to get me through the day, this will all be over in a few months once I get insurance with my new company and can get regular painkillers and the surgery I need.
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    If he's going to be pissed off, why can't you see that it's not worth it?

    Coming to GC for advice isn't a bad idea, I'm sure people are going to come in here and tell you to rip him off, but this is your friend. Are the drugs worth your friendship? Answer that.

    If he hadn't have left the drugs, you would have been without and had to wait until later regardless. You can wait until he calls you from work or until you get your own, you would have been waiting anyway.

    I'm not trying to be a bitch to you, but I'm trying to get you to see that you should respect your friendship. My opinion is probably an unpopular one, but I wouldn't do that to my friends, let alone a 'good friend' as you called him.

    I understand the chronic pain, I have bad pain from a serious horseback riding accident, but when I'm in pain and I'm out, well I'm out. And I have to find an alternative or wait until I can get more, just like you should too.

    Again, if you think it's worth it, well it's your decision, but there are consequences for actions.

  13. I know there are alot of dumbasses on gc, but there are also alot of intelligent people, much like yourself. I can definately respect where your comeing from on this, but hmmm I don't really know how to ask this question... Can you see where i'm comeing from I guess? Eh, nvm...I still have no clue on what I am going to do. See this is where a girlfriend comes in handy, to tell me im a dumbass for even thinking about shooting up again, and that im a piece of shit for all of this and all that bullshit...hmmmm.

    What if I buy him more when I get paid this friday??? But, still give back around a 100 sack, thoughts on this?
  14. I still think that doing this without talking to him is a bad idea.

    Now, I do see where you are coming from and I understand the temptation, but I'm staying that it's still not right without talking to him first. Now if you have a way to buy more today before he gets off work to replenish what you want to take, that would be much less bad, but if you don't, I think you should wait.

    I have chronic insomnia, chronic pain, migraines and depression, I have run out of weed and had an 8th of high grade shake saved up for going on vacation, but didn't smoke it, even though I bought it, it was for my vacation and my friend was planning on paying for it. I just waited until I talked to her and then smoked some.

    You need to talk to him before you take any of his drugs that he purchased. He's your friend and you need to have the respect to treat him like one, instead of someone that you just want to use.

    And I'm not your girlfriend, but if you need to hear it. You're an idiot for thinking about shooting up again and a piece of shit for considering doing this to your 'good' friend. Now stop acting like a junkie fiending for their next fix, and be a man.

  15. Hmmmmmmm got a lot to think bout, im gonna make a decision and come back in about 20 minutes after I have a cig outside on my back deck and think about all this...
  16. i'm a long time H addict, been on suboxone for 4 years though. so, from the mouth of one junkie, and especially since he's already scored more i say go ahead and do a shot or two. when you give him the rest back, he'll likely offer you some anyway.

    then again, me being a junkie, i'd likely do the whole bag and not tell him. that's just me though.
  17. Ok so I am back, smoked some instead of iv, but im just gonna give my friend the 20 back today, instead of friday when I get paid again.

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