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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by McDuffeexpress, May 13, 2010.

  1. So my baby violet is sticking about 1 in. out of the ground.I just planted her like 3 days ago.My first grow so 2 questions.

    1. I didn't know the seed stuck out of the ground with the leaves, so I dusted dirt on the seed to cover it realizing my mistake, I blew it off but it's still "dirty" what problem's could this cause.

    2. I changed my lighting after the first day from 8/16 to 24/0 after realizing I could just leave it on, will this cause her to be a male no matter what from stress or unlikely?

    I call her Violet she's my baby girl ,if I find out later she's a Chinese unwanted boy:p , I will feel so bad but keep growing and make butter but for now Violet is my baby girl....

    Any help for a new user of this site/ grower will be greatly appreciated
  2. 1. You mean you got your plant dirty? Or you mean you uncovered your roots?:confused: Don't worry about a little dirt on your plant, and if you uncovered your roots, hope to hell you didn't hurt them.

    2. I highly doubt it will hermie your plant unless the genes are really unstable. As a general rule of thumb, in veg always err on the side of more light, in flowering less light. So no, I don't think you hurt it.

    Un-asked question that needs to be addressed: "Do I have enough lighting?" No. It's stretching. Get more light for your plant.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I have like a 5 year old florescent light I am using from my first failed grow a long time back at my grandmas. It was made for growing with that special plastic outer layer that gives off tons of different ray's. Hopefully It'll stay srong.: ) I think my answers for the hour are answered but I guarantee before she's grown I'll be posting a few more.
    thanks againg :hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::smoking::smoking:
  4. No problem. Read the second link in my sig, that should help with any other questions about the lights your using. Specifically about the spectrum or Kelvin rating. The light you're talking about sounds like it's a broad spectrum light meaning it's in the 4000k range or so, and that's not a good spectrum for growing.
  5. damn,really? I thought it was top-notch walmart growing stuff.... maybe outdated but.....Hopefully It'll work for my 1st grow not really cash strapped. I dedicated my entire room for Violet just check on her a few times a day locking doors gets annoying but worth it.
    yeah I'll for sure check out the thread, I downloaded the growing bible, but not really what I was looking for, I guess I have to look through it some more but just a lot of links and useless info. for me...


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