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problem rolling joints...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CitySmoker420, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. ok so ive alwayys been a fan of small bowls and packing snaps... smoking for the best bang for my buck... but sometimes you just cant do that... im trying to learn to roll J's but i dont wanna waste weed... i have been practicing with green tea and some lightly grinded sage leaves.... my joints burn fine but dont roll well... is this because of what im using to roll with???? does weed roll better?
  2. You've been smoking green tea and sage?
  3. yeah... its very calming, sorta like hookah.... i inhale most the time sometimes i dont
  4. Joints are easy and simple, just get a hold of some cheap middies, and practice rolling a few Js.
  5. I like your sig disclaimer. haha.

    well, what i do is roll the paper around a chopstick, lick it closed, once it is dry, i slide it onto a roach, then i put ground weed into the tube until it's full. sometime i like to make layers of different kinds of danks or mids.

    i suck at rolling them the real way, so i don't.
  6. salvia divinorum is a subspecies of sage as well, so it may be a tiny bit psychoactive.
  7. ohhh thats actually not a bad idea.... hmmm would a pencil work too??
  8. yes, i prefer a pencil. its a tad wider, and not tapered. its also roundish, whereas most chopsticks (the crappy free wooden ones, anyway) tend to be square.
  9. i think im going to try using a dowl.... but is sage really a psychoactive??? i have a ton of clippings from wilderness
  10. you can use a dollar bill as a roll mat. that's how i got started. bend the bill up, fill the crease with weed, roll the weed in the bill like you're rolling a j to get it evened out, put a paper in and roll it up. that may not make a lot of sense to someone who hasn't seen it done before...but it's not too hard if you play with it.

  11. No other sage plant is known to be psychoactive =\ sorry to ruin your placebo

  12. i want to steal ur sig!!!!!!! lol thats awsome:hello:
  13. I'm horrible at rolling straight joints, its much easier to roll a cone joint with a card filter. they seem to roll tighter and burn better (at least to me) and once you have it rolled you can pack in more and shake/tap to squeeze in as much bud as possible.
  14. when u roll

    u actually roll the weed inside the paper to give it a nice cylindrical shape

    and tuck the paper when finishing

    and don't use too much saliva to seal it
  15. Why don't you just practice with weed, and if the joint doesnt turn out any good you can always just rip it open and smoke it in the bong lol.

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