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  1. I have been smoking weed for about two years now and I do not cough while smoking out of bongs, pipes or joints unless I take a really big hit. Now I have bought myself a vaporizer and it works great! I'm just worried about the fact that after I smoke out of it if I smoked a lot I usually cough a few times. This only happens like a minute after I take my last hit for the moment. During smoking I do not cough. Just afterwards. Do others experience anything like this too or are my lungs messed up?
  2. I realized it's much better to take it slow. Like take a hit exhale then breathe in air. I think it helps alot, but that's just me though.
  3. Nothing wrong, most people cough that are new to vaping. It just irritates your throat because it is so dry. Try vaping through a bong to add a little moisture if you feel it is a problem for you.
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    Now that you mention it I do not cough when I smoke like that.
    And how do I vape through a bong? Lol Ive only had my vape for about 2 weeks so I'm really new to it
  5. What kind of vaporizer do you have?
  6. Weed vapor is very dry, and very potent. It isn't a problem if you cough. Have a drink handy.

  7. I have the magic flight launch box,

    And thanks everyone was very helpful:)

  8. I dont have any experience with the mflb, but I have seen people hook them up to bongs before. Im sure you can find some videos on youtube or something.

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