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  1. My bagseed babes are a little over a week old. I wish I could post pics but I only can access through my phone :( anyway, I've noticed that they're all getting lighter in green as far as the leaves. From what I understand this is a lack of clorophyl(sp)? Theyre definitely not yellow but its clear thqt theyre not as dark as they were a few days ago. Also, 6/9 of them are 'drooping' slightly their leaves, while 3/9 are drooping significantly. They're all currently working on their 3rd leafsets (if you include the rounded ones they get in the beginning), though some are farther along than others.

    I believe it could be any number of things as I am new to gardening in general and only started doing my research a few weeks ago. I gave them a single dose of 1/4 strength miracle grow (double water, half nute) a couple days ago which Im pretty sure was bad so I just flushed out the 3 ones that are drooping significantly with approx. 150% of the equivalent of soil in water. Does that make sense? the ones that are faring a little better I think ai should wait to see if they get worse though Im open to receiving direction (its why Im writing this!).

    I also suspect it MIGHT have something to do with the fact that they've been under a 400hps since about day 2 or 3 after sprouting, about 2 feet away on 16/8 with good ventilation. I have no way of testing the PH which sucks. We have these little test strips at my work that aive been meaning to borrow though I think it might not be PH that they measure and I forget to look when
    Im at work. Also theyre all in solo cups with soil I bought from Wal Mart that didnt come with any nutrients added or anything like that. Im thinking I need to buy worm castings or something for transplant though Im pretty sure its way too early for that. The shortest one (though def I think is one of the strongest since her leaves are still up for the most part and she resists the wind of the fan the best of them all) is about oh 2 inches or so. While the tallest is right around 4 inches. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

    ALSO it seemed like in the beginning I could notice growth every day while now its almost like theyre just staying the same. I try to tell myself theyre just focusing on their roots but Im probably lying to myself. Sigh.. Im so tired of either getting ripped off on my herb or getting blown off. Im sure you all know what I mean.

  2. Also now I know I shouldnt use miraclw grow. Im returning it at wal mart and telling them a stupid story. I heard Advanced Nutrients is a good company though Wal Mart usually doesnt carry anything thats good and the garden supply store I know of charges an arm and a leg for everything. I guess you get what you pay for..
  3. Also I was watering them daily but switched to every other day after I gave them the 1/4 strength miracle crap.. Maybe I should water them every 3rd day? The soil gets dry even an inch down after 24 hours.
  4. Overwatering will cause plants to droop and yellowing lower leaves. Water only when soil is nearly dry. Probably don't need to use nutes yet, but you can if they seem to like it.
  5. Hey Apu.

    Im impressed by your way of reasoning and the way u
    are handling this - kudos man. I think youve got all
    bases covered except for one major one. Ph. Get
    yourself a good ph meter and it will become a valuable
    tool. Anywayz...

    Although, it can be done with MG, it will be a very rocky
    and bumpy road - all the way to harvest. I suggest staying
    away from it until youre ready to tackle it, If ever lol.

    Theres alwayz runts in a litter, so u might have a couple.
    The light seems fine. Fine tune it so the canopy temp is
    close to 78 degrees.

    Keep up the great work man.

  6. Hey guys I just borrowed a pack of PH test strips from my work. The strips dont show the PH but they do show the PH PPM from 100PPM-400PPM. It also says on the packaging "PH should be less than 7.5". They're actually meant to test the water used to clean dishes. I know it's not ideal but its what I've got for now.

    My question is, what is the corresponding PH level in terms of PPM? So if I get a reading of 200 PPM, what is that PH? I'm assuming a reading of 400 PPM would be 7.5 PH since it says it should be less than 7.5 though I dont know for sure.

    The instructions say to soak the strip in the water for 10 seconds and then get the reading immediately after. Any ideas on how I could use this in the soil?

    Thanks a million GC'ers, you guys are awesome. Again I know it isnt ideal but its what I have access to for the time being and its better than nothing!
  7. Thats great.

    Use it to measure the runoff water ph.


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