Problem I Am Leaving For Vacation, Can I Flower?

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    Dammit I am leaving for vacation in 3 days. I thought I timed it right, but it is my first grow and it took a bit longer than expected. Anyway I have 1 white widow and I honestly don't know what the other three are. I am leaving for a 2 week vacation in 3 days and I have no one to watch over them, so I'll have to cut them. I am just wondering how much more I could have gotten out of these just by examining these pictures here and if I'm losing out on much? Thanks! Oh and they will be 8 weeks and 2 days in flowering, in 3 days when I'll have to chop them...And I cut nutes about a week ago and have been watering with just straight water.

    By the way, the pictures below are 2 of the same picture. One with my camera flash on and one with just a regular household lamp overhead. I just wanted you to see the colors, etc. Thanks!

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  2. nah man let em go the full 10 weeks hahahaha JK Theres a chance they would dry out way too much and probably rot.
  3. Anyone else have any input please?
  4. You need to be able to tend to the drying and curing process.  
  5. give someone a full plant if they watch your plants for 2 weeks
  6. Well I wouldn't trust a soul leavin all that behind for someone to "tend" to. You're in the most crucial stage imo. Live and learn.

    The best thing I could think of is throw them outside with chicken wire around em and hope for the best. I've left a plant the whole season with no visits and it still yeiled under an oz outta a tiny pot :)
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    Well, yeah of course lol. Someone else mentioned I could over water them and that'll keep them alive for extra days, but I thought wouldn't that kill them? So I don't think I want to do that.......Could I possibly chop the whole plant, don't cut anything off and hang it in a dark closet with a fan going? Think that will work?
  8. Anyone pleaaassseeee help lol
  9. If anyhting, trim your big fan leaves that are yellowing and water them good before you leave. They will dry out sort of like they would in nature. Not saying it will work indefinitely cause I know if you leave a plant without harvesting or seeding, it rots.
  10. I'm getting a lot of people telling me (on other forums too) to chop them and just let them dry in a dark place with a fan and hope for the best, so I think I might go with that. Leaving them planted is not an option because of the possibility of mold and fire hazard from keeping my lights on.

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