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Problem Getting Medical Marijuana

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TheBakedBagel, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. My little brother is 15 and he smokes w/ me occasionally and he smokes with his friends like every weekend or so. But he found out from his doctor that he can get medical marijuana because he has bi-polar disorder and other depression disorders. Our mom wont let him get it and he of course cant get it himself cuz hes not 18. How can he get it? Could i say im his guardion or something? Thanks guys...
  2. you/he and quite possibly the dr. could try to explain to your mom the benifits of at least giving it a try, versus the extreme side effects of some of the pills they give to someone with a bi-polor disorder.
    i do not think that you can just say your his guardian,...youd need court papers to actually have guardianship,,(me thinks)

    good luck on your mission and to your little bro

  3. he cant get it.......since he's a minor he is still in his parents control, only his legal guardian can give him the ok for weed and thats not you thats his mom or dad. So sorry your bros shit outta luck for medical weed........ you defintally dont need medical weed to smoke though, your bro can still go out and cop weed whenever he feels like it (just dont get caught).

    edit: if you try to say your his legal guardian they will need to see the court papers that say your his legal you cant lie bout that.

    another edit: one more thing, obviously i dont know your brothers situation. But ive know two people who have bi-polar and weed dosent help either of them, it makes them alot worse actually and ive seen weed make them very suicidal.....i forget who but i think there was someone on this board who has bi-polar and he said he had to quit smokin weed too cause it made his bi-polar alot worse................. obviously im sure it can help if people get approved for medical weed cause of it but at the same time be careful cause the only two people i know with bi-polar weed made them worse not better off...........good luck with your bro hopefully shit works out.
  4. maybe its different for different peope? my husband is bi-polar and has smoked much of his life and becomes very relaxed when he smokes. im going to tell you the truth, he has been suicidal before but thats not uncommon for his illness.
    another person i knew that was bi-polar was my brother-in law,...he didnt smoke ever and was heavily medicated, you name it and his dr.s had him on it. he commited suicide almost a year ago.(r.i.p jason)...also not uncommon with this illness

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