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  1. Hey guys, I've had about 6 seeds and I've been trying to germinate them since I got them from my bud. I have tried two methods of germination.

    1) Putting them in warm water (a cup of water)
    2) Putting them in a watered out paper towel (two layers, like the tupper ware example), covered them with a seal in order to keep light out but used a lamp to create heat on it.

    It has been 2 days of the cup of water and 3 days of the watered out paper towel.

    Maybe the seeds won't work, or maybe it's my technique. I have no idea at all.

    Please help me out guys, that would really help out! Thanks! :wave::wave:
  2. if their old seeds it might take quite a while.... give it some time... i dont know about the cup method... ive never done that.. and as for the paper towe... make sure theyr still geting some air otherwise they will jsut drownd and mold over..
  3. would it help you guys if i had pictures of them so you could see what's wrong with them or if they r in some sort of phase?
  4. yes that would prob help the most
  5. you don't need pictures. seeds are seeds. you are doing everything right. maybe you just need some fresh seeds. don't give up!
  6. It can take up to 10 days for the seeds to sprout so dont worry about it just give them a few more days
  7. o thanks for all your help guys! ill wait a couple more days and then ill let you guys know if anything doesnt work or if they sprout

    any other methods would be great to know, thanx =]
  8. one other question, when they start to germinate what type of lighting should i get? im thinking of getting this

    and what type of wattage should i get?

  9. the first time i tried germinating in water, but the water ended up too cold and slowed the seeds growth down. this time i still used the distilled cup of water method, only i put the cup on my water heater, covered with a larger cup of solid color( no light leeks), and 48 hours later they all had beautiful 1/2 inch roots on them. so... use 1/3 cup distilled water, make it dark and warm. good luck:wave:
  10. ok, its the 4th day and still nothing much

    the ends of the seeds are yellowish and have a hole, but nothing coming out yet

    one or two very small veins/cracks, light yellowish

    its not cracked tho
  11. ok i really don't think its working, its the 5th day and still no changes, what should i do???
  12. get ahold of some new seeds
  13. I'm asking my friends if they ever get any more bud to give me the seeds... problem is that when they get bud they usually don't get seeds inside the bud... and its getting really hard to get the seeds considering the seed companies wont sell to the united states, is there any companies that do sell to the united staTES?
  14. I don't understand trying to germinate seeds in a cup or towels. Just put them in your grow medium, keep it watered well, and nature will do the rest. Two days is not long enough, it can take a wk at times, just depends on how the seed feels at the time, ha-ha.

    Good luck!!!!!!!

  15. This is my germinating setup: its a dish with a wet paper towl on the bottom, the seeds in the middle, and a wet paper towl on top, with a cup on top of it to not allow light in, however, with a lamp on top of it to keep the set up warm

    they are all attached, please tell me if I'm doing something wrong

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