problem for germinate 60day wonder dna genetic

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  1. hello i am growing one of six seed 60d.w. dna genetic and after 2 day seed sprout very little and short then put in soil coco and after 2day do not exist of soil i growing this planet og strain and shocolope and blackberry auto several time but this strain seem not automatic becuse auto strain usually is fast
  2. Autoflower strains just means that it will have a shorter veg and flower time and the light cycle doesn't have to change to induce flowering. Germinating and early veg stages will be basically the same as a regular seed.
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  3. do yourself a favor and do some research
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  4. Let your seeds sprout longer. The tap roots will grow well in wet paper towel. Once the tap root is at least 2 inches long then you can drop it into soil.
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  5. Just keep the soil wet and they should pop up in no time. Root development is just as important as leaves

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  6. I have one seed that hasn't completely opened but it's taproot is above 3 inches . [​IMG]

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  8. I am not a fan of letting the roots grow more than an inch while in the paper towels because if "life" gets in the way and I cannot get to them suddenly they are growing thru the paper, twisting around each other and can be broken while untangling, these days I use the paper towels to verify viable seeds/sprouts once they reach an inch (usually 24hrs) I plant them in my soil, some strains break soil within 24hrs but usually it takes a couple days, being an auto or photo seed makes no difference on sprouting but seed age/viability does.
  9. buy some peat rooting cubes , put seeds in water for 24 hour and just stick them in cubes.
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  10. Did you make sure it was the correct way up. White head should be facing down

  11. pardon? you asking if he put the seed the correct way up?
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  12. Yes I know it may sound silly but it can easily fall out of place and then start growing upside down. I was asking a genuine question man not try to be a troll or that

  13. i dont look how i put my seeds in , i just chuck them in peat cubes lol.

    ive never known a plant grow upside down....
  14. Yeah well trust me a cannabis plant can turn up side down if not placed in correctly if you think I'm given false information you can happily take a 2 minute Google search and see for yourself
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  15. a few plants MAY have grown upside down but there isnt a right way to put a cannabis seed in....the root will naturally go downward and the stem up.

    even if it the root makes a U turn.

    it wouldnt make any sense from natures point of view if a seed landed the wrong way up it would die cause it grew upside down....
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  16. thank you unfortunately in my country purchase fresh seed is not safe and seeds in my package was primal
  17. thank you very much
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  18. h
  19. any rooting bock.

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