Problem #2 and time to transplant?

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  1. So thankfully my plants are pushing threw the nute burn and growing well I assume. Ima call it 30 days but I'm having issues with heating and I'm positive I need to upgrade my exaust fan. The only way I keep my tent cool (4x2x5) is if I have my vivosun 4in (horrible fan btw) inline fan sitting in front of my ac and I mean it's like half way in the vent. I want to fix this for 1) I dont like running a ac unit 24/7 cause even at night my temps will got to 85/90 without the ac on and 2) its freezing in my room at night now lol. My exaust fan is a cheap bathroom fan so I'm 90% sure that not even sucking enough hot air out to be worth running. My lighting is 2 maxisun 300w led (If i hear you get what you paid for ima snap) and i know they're pushing out way to much heat but upgrading is out of question right now. So simply put would upgrading my exaust fan to say a 6in ac infinity cloudline or similar fan help this heating issue or should I upgrade both the exhaust and inline fans. I honestly wouldnt mind chucking the vivosun as is but wrather not have to replace both. Question number 2 is I'm wondering if I should transplant into 5gallon containers now or wait a little longer? I'd say the bday cake is 2 or 3 nodes and the pineapple Express(bushier no name one) has 3 goin on 4 nodes. Thanks again for Input peeps 20190703_131155.jpg 20190703_131202.jpg 20190703_131245.jpg 20190703_131249.jpg
  2. i'm in a 2x4 closet split into 2 levels. veg up top and flower under. passive intake is under the flowering area, air travels through flowering room through another passive intake into the veg room, through a carbon filter and finally out and into the attic. the 203 cfm fan isnt enough. my temps are stead 85-87. i'm going to have to get a 6" fan and filter. you may have to do the same.
  3. I was pretty sure I would have to get a 6in so ima do my best get one of those ac Infinity inline fans I keep hearing good things. I'm wondering if I use that as my exaust to pull hot air out and the vivosun for pushing air in and if that'll be enough. It really sucks with ventilation for grow tents imo. Then again its probably so bad cause of my cheap led but I dont feel like wasting 120 bucks on a fan just to find out I still have heat issues
  4. Does your tent have vent holes? If you do open the all up and run your circulation fan next to an opening... when i turned my 300watt on max it spiked to almost 90f.. now its at a confortable 76-82... thats not utilizing my inline fan just a computer fan pulling air out and a fan on the floor.. let it recover from shock before transplant your plant doesnt look rootbound
  5. It's got the two openings on the bottom, one on each side. I've tried having them both open with the vivosun fan pulling the air out and a box fan blowing in one of the openings, a little clip fan inside blowing at the plants and it still goes way up. I cannot seem to figure a proper set up with the fans to control it either. I've tried hanging a box fan inside on the top that only blew the hot air down and increased heat. I've tried running the vivosun fan as exaust with that bathroom fan blowing in and that made the temps worse. I've tried putting the vivosun fan on the side threw one of the upper side ducting hole and the bathroom fan blowing in on the other side threw the other upper ducting hole. I've pointed the fans at the leds so yea I'm at my last option and that's to get a new inline fan. Ive even wondered if it's the tents design that's making heat worse also as it isn't one of the top of line tents. Its baffling how hot it can get that's for sure
  6. Ill get you when i can but i have a fan on the floor with the bottom slots open there are 2 rounds slots and 1 wide retangular slot in the back... if i open that one ill bring temps down to 64-66.. the top opening for inline fan i use a usb fan fit right in blowing air out of my tent it works great.. my.tent is 2×2×4 so its not tall i moved the led closer to the top of the tent leaving the lights lower in the middle makes it hotter for some.reason
  7. Thatd be awsome to see the set up but your tent sounds like mine so far only difference is the back flap I don't have one of those. Here in a minute I'll switch it up again and give that a shot. I'll open the two bottom vents and put my box fan on one side and I'll put my exaust fan on top and run the duct threw the top hole and see what that does. Out of curiosity what are the temps where you live? I'm in new Mexico and we're hitting 90-100 degree weather already but our room temp is never higher then 75 so really dont think it could be outside heat. Thanks for the help. I been wanting to raise the light higher but I dont have a tape measure to measure how far they are from the plants but I guess I'll have to grab a tape measure and check because they are about middle I'll attach a lil pic of my tent

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  8. Its only a 2x2 you can see the rectangle opening in the back on the 2 sides are circular vente which is completely opened on the other side and half on this side with the cords... im in canada so we aint that bad around 80f during days...

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    i turned off 2 bulbs and my heat problems are gone and the plants are much happier. i think i will be good with this set up now. its steady at 77. turns out there is a such thing as too much light. i hope the quantum boards arent too much. i am cramming 8 qb120s in a 2x4...
  10. I notice a huge difference between the cfl and led's. At a young age they didn't really like my led. At least until good veg. Started coming on

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  11. mine start under cfl and move to t5 and finally led. i have 3 separate grow areas to make the perpetual go smoother.
  12. Ok so I tried opening both openings and put my 4in on top to exaust heat out and put a box fan on the outside blowing into one of the openings and the temps went up. Had to switch back to using the ac so looks like I'll be upgrading my fan. I know the fan should be more then capable of moving the air out in that much space but I think my leds are pushing out more heat then it can pull so I believe if I upgrade to 6in I should be good. If you want I can take a pic of how I have my fans set up and see if you can tell anything is wrong but other then that I seem to be sol

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