Probations over in 6 days!

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  1. So back in Feb 2018 I got arrested for minor possession on a military base. I got put on probation July 9th, 2018 for a year and it'll be off my record when I'm done come next Tuesday July 9th.
    I started off taking random drug tests once a week for a few months, then it went to once every two weeks, then once a month. Now, Ive only had 2 drug tests this year. Once in January and once over a month ago.

    I emailed my PO about what's to come once my probations over and she said I would just get a letter in the mail saying I'm done. No court, no signing papers. I've never gone through probation before, do y'all think I should be straight to smoke again come July 9th? Should I wait for my letter to show up first?

    I have documentation from my initial court date saying I'm done July 9th, 2019 and an email from my PO confirming I don't need to do anything else but wait for a letter. I live in a legal state and I've been waiting so patiently and obidiently for this day lol. I'm just anticipating once more possible drug test before the 9th. But come 12am on the dot that day I want to spark up. What do I do?
  2. Oh yea baby the day your paperwork says is the day you can start smoking again at midnight to be technical but noone is going to even bother you the rest of your time on probation. You already had your final meeting with po a month ago, which the only reason you even had an appt was because it was time to get off. Have fun getting high like a kid in middle school again ;)
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  3. I hate to say it but the po is not trying to give you problems unless you dont follow the rules if you never failed a drug test on probation and did everything they asked they are glad to have you go out the door not looking for a reason to keep seeing you. You cant be that charming. :)
  4. I failed a drug test and my PO did nothing besides telling me not to do it again. She said I was the least of her concerns. :D
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  5. Yea usually when they dont make you go to court you have been doing good. I can assure you that there will be no final day pop up at your house for a drug test type of deal. You are not on parole or anything, not that they even do that.
  6. Thanks I thought so too. I don't even go see my PO when I do my drug test I just get supervised at a clinic. Gonna just stay clean til it's over. Just needed some second opinions. Can't wait to have a bowl :D Just a few more days!!
  7. My case was only federal because I was on a government establishment when I got arrested. I dont have any kind of record and just smoked weed. From the beginning they told me I wasn't a huge concern anyway but I just don't want some dumb shit I don't know about to pop up when the day I'm supposed to be done comes around y'know.
  8. In high school I had a buddy who was on probation for like 2-3 years something long as shit like that. Well anyways, we were all finally graduating and his last meeting was something like 2 days before we all walked the stage in front of our families and shit. He said he hadnt had a DT’d in like a year, was really cool with his PO and she was super nice and all that. Well apparently, he goes in for his last meeting and she puts a cup down first thing after he walks thru the door. Said he had been chiefing for months since he was never getting tested, which is obviously not the best line of thinking.

    Like damn, the start of his life going into summer break and he gets popped. Guess he got some more probation but nothing too crazy, they weren’t super harsh on him and he came out fine, definitely didn’t ruin his life or anything but sucked for sure.

    I’ve always heard people say wait till you have some hard documentation clarifying that you are officially finished with probation before you smoke, I’ve heard some real horror stories otherwise. That being said, congrats on the home stretch you must be stoked.
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  9. DAMN. See that's what I'm scared of!! Haha. Im sure I'm in the clear come Tuesday whether or not my papers come in that day, but anxiety always gets my mind racing. Plus all the stressing I've been doing for the past year. Would hate for it to be all a waste ykno.

    Also thanks!! I'm super stoked to get this done and over with and not have to worry about when my next test is gonna be or getting permission to leave the district I'm in, or getting pulled over or anyyyy of that shit.
  10. Hell yeah man I understand just wanting to have the law off your back.
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