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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mrscalia, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. on 4-14-2010 I became an inmate becuz I had a Bipolar Day .
    now the court say I must fallow me Dr orders , but I may not have medical 420

    can they do that I hear Doctor superseeds judges orders

    and they say I must take me Meds and a Ca Doctor says I can Smoke?

    Help 20 years smoker!

  2. I would seriously be straight up with the judge, idk your situation really but i hate that someone who knows nothing about you can just intervine in your life and tell you what to do. I just say fuck them.
  3. I'm Bipolar, and I say what did you do on your bipolar day? Rape, murder and mayhem do not get you a card.

  4. held off the cops for 4 hour .... told my family I was a Jedi stabbed a wall with a knife
    fought my 2 grown son , ripped my underware off ........ I had a better dayz

  5. :eek:
  6. :hide:
  7. Get a lawyer, that's your best bet for keeping your MMJ recommendation while on probation. It CAN be done, but usually isn't.
  8. Yeah, I second WildWill's suggestion of a lawyer. they're gonna make it all like you can't handle the weed, like it's making you crazy (no offense), Are you on the weed for bipolar or something else? That might make a difference too. Man, I am really so sorry you are having a bad time. I will pray for you, OK - unless you are offended by that? And my sympathies to your family. I am bipolar one, but it is mild compared to yours. Are you getting adequate care? Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy has helped me. Well, good luck, and I hope things work out better for you.
  9. I admire your positivity!

    It is unjust that they don't allow you your medicine just because of yer condition. :(
  10. Was you dat nekked black man I seent rolling around in the street? Dog you need to lose some weight.

  11. No Im Italian not dark on the out side just on the inside

    Im not sure how bad it was but the weed did not trigger it

    My Employer / father failing to live up to there promises and keeping $50k untaxed and keeping it all for him self Telling Me F- off you do get your $5000

    is what is Triggered my 4 Hour stand off in my grow room
    Guess I was very well embedded .
    Cops were calling me from my Clones408 sign on the fence 'Employees Only
    & my Number "

    I barley felt the 3 tazers barbed stuck in my chest and back


    "They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally, they became heroes." ―Leia Organa Solo.
  12. Hi,

    Thanks for Probation is a sentence which may be imposed by a criminal court...........
  13. please email some support to my public defender

    she is not helping me keep my meds!
    they keep calling Medical 420 illigal Drugs !
  14. You need to consult a lawyer who SPECIALIZES in Medical Marijuana Cases - Try Bruce Margolin, you can google him easily.
  15. damn i sorry to hear that man, youll get past it we always do
  16. woah that sounds like a pretty shit day, i say smoke herb. If they drug test u it can be as that day.

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