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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Scooter, Jun 1, 2002.

  1. Hey guys I javent posted for a long time. Anyways I just got caught with my 2nd offense of possesion of MJ on school grounds a couple of weeks ago and have been on suspention ever since. Im 15 and Im in 9th grade. Does anyone know whats gonna happen to me on the legal part? Also does anyone know what "nicen" and there as pck as zantac only there white and they burn your fat off. My friend used it on his probation and he passed alot of piss tests and said it cleaned him out good. Anyone know what it is???
  2. 2nd offense, ha fuck that dude, i might of helped you on your first offense, you should of learned the first time and never brung dope to school again. if your on probation or for sure going to be on it, quit smoking till your off. it isn't that hard, just drink or something. ok look, before you go in for your test, eat sure jell. don't keep smoking if your on probation!

  3. Yeah ... what he said. Heh. :) Just don't toke up, Scooter. It might lead to alot of headaches down the road, unfortunately.

    As far as the Niacin goes, I don't know a whole lot. I know it does accelerate your metabolism a bit. Some people I know (including me) get a hot feeling in the face and chest after taking it ... Like a pretty mild, low grade sunburn. Kinda freaky.

  4. yeah niacin cleans out your system in like a few hours, but you might need to take a few, and itll make you feel really funny.

    for second offense penalties depend really. one kid i know got 6 months of drug classes and drug tests, another kid i know got 18 months of drug testing. so it really depends, but just act like your really sorry for what you did so theyll take it easy on you.

    the kid who got 18 months of drug testing smoked a lot during it, and after he smoked he just took some niacin and he passed every single test.

    another thing you can do to clean your system is drink cranberry extract, which is cheaper and works almost as good.
  5. Im gonna quit smoking for how ever for the amount im on probation but i mean sometimes a man gets desperate you know?Ill just smoke every once a while when i feel desprate and then my friend martin will hook me up with niacin or whatever i need to clean out and hell be glad to smoke me out.He feels my pain because i did the same for him when he was on probation.thank you though guys.

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