Probation Violation

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  1. I'm in a pretty messed up situation and I was wonderin if anybody knew what exactly I'm looking to in my future

    I'm misdemeanor probation in georgia for possession of a gram and then in florida i just got arrested for possession of a gram

    so i got bonded out and now im back in georgia

    and i have to go see my PO on june 17th ' it was also supposed to be my last time

    but so will she definitely know about what happened in florida? and if so wouldn't that mean that she'll have to arrest me right there?

    just wondering because then ill have to get transported to florida also for missing me court date there so it could get to be a really fucked up situation
  2. I spent nearly 6 years on probation for non drug offenses and not once did I get popped for a probation violation. Better yet, I've never been busted with drugs or paraphinalia. You gotta get your head screw'd on straight and that could take another 10 years. Sometime in your late 20's if you're smart. This isn't something someone can help you do. It's up to you to figure things out.

    The only way the probation officer will know is if Florida put out a warrant for you. I doubt they would go that far for a minor offense.
  3. good luck man, i recently got busted but in a more temperate legal clime.

    i wish i could offer advice.

  4. yeah its all good thanks tho

    and good luck to yourself

    you know we'll get through it though
  5. hell yeah we will man.

    i go to court july 14th, so plenty of time to raise the money. its gonna be like $430 because its my second.

    my first was actually around the time i joined GC.
  6. Fuck the law mang..,

    I got caught up a few weeks ago for possesion.. I hope it doesn't come to probation!
  7. i dont get why you would take a risk like that while your on probation, but watever

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