probation ughhhhh!!

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  1. Help. I got busted and now am on probation for one year. Random testing...anyone out there on probation. what can I expect and how can I pass a test (besides quitting altogether) if thats possible. The guys at the local head shop told me about some system detox products. I wish I had more advice so please feel free.
  2. Shit I would been happy with 12 monthes of probation. Those fucks stuck me with 18 monthes and $4000 in fines... I get saliva tests so i doubt i can help you with your piss test situation, if they give you saliva tests, PM me and i'll give you a pointer on how to pass it 100%

  3. Im on probatoin for only 1 more year ( was sentenced 2 years). Yes the tests are random, and they make me pee in a cup. Dont think you are smarter than they are and try to smoke weed. Its not worth going back to jail trust me. MY probation officier looks at my penis from the side when i pee in the damn cup to make sure its not one of those fake strap on penises shoooting out synthetic piss. I've actually smoked weed a couple of times ang got away with it but i was constantly worrying if i would pas or not. ITs not worth it man dont do it!! I think all of those detox drinks are bull too, i wouldent depend on one of them to pass a test.

  4. Hey mate, down here in Aus cops now have random saliva tests for drivers... Whats your secret in passing saliva tests?
  5. ok i only smoke salvia twice,and it was extract, how the hell could u drive and do that at the same time, i rolled on the floor and talked giberush, i felt like i was knocked out and was in the room between life and heaven, and they told me i wasnt ready, then i was a crab that was metal, and floating in lava, and then i come down to my friend picking me up and putting me in a chair, and if felt like he pulled me out of water. that was the first time

    and everyone that did it ened up doing close to the same, leaving the chair rolling around or lyig down.

    ya not a drug to do when ur trying to pick up chick at a party, only when homies are over and its just hanging out getin messed up
  6. lol saliva, not salvia.. small difference in spelling, very different meaning
  7. damn.. come to california guys
  8. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. im in cali and deal with the same thing lol its not like calis a different country
  10. That sucks alot man. You cant really do much but quit when its random testing. Dont take the risk of ending up in jail. Its only one year out of your life.
  11. ok man...this is what you do. i'm gonna be on probation in 5 more days for truancy. they'll still test me and shit. but i don't care. i'll smoke all the way up before 1 week before my meeting. all you have to do is drink green tea, coffee, cranberry juice(that makes you piss like a bitch, so does beer, and it only stays in your system for 24 hours) If you're really paranoid about it. Take a couple of shots of regular distilled white vinegar. other kinds of vinegar work too. just in case if they swab you, chew gum before you go and while you're there.
  12. Just use drugs they can't test for, or ones that have a shorter detection period :). I find a low dose of shrooms can be similar to weed. The detection period for them is 2 or 3 days, but most tests don't even check for them.
  13. hey mate, share your secret with the rest of us!

  14. Truancy? That's if you're underage and don't go to school. Have fun being banned, mate.

    Also, I will not post how to pass a saliva test just for the reasons that i don't want it to be open information. If you want to know how to, then just PM me and I will tell you, it's real easy.

  15. Hey,

    well I, too, at one time had a year of probation with random drug tests. Since, it sounds like you really dont want to quit, I must ask: Is it really worth it to you? Let's say you fail a test, and go to jail. If this is your first offense, you're probably looking at 60 days in jail max. Not so bad, in my opinion. I never had to go, thankfully though. Anyway, I quit for a good 9 months, but I almost fucked myself in the first one. What you need to do is find out how your piss-test clinic or wherever deals with diluted piss. Down here, it doesn't matter as long as its the right temp and YOU pissed it, it still counts to them. I know other places are assholes with diluted piss, though so you need to be sure. I recommend you stay clean for the first month, or whatever. Drink a lot of water the night before your next appointment. Drink a lot of water the morning too. You want your piss to be clear, and take the piss. If the person doesn't say anything, then you can easily cheat all of your tests this way. I dont think its worth it, personally, but it works in some places. Those detox drinks are iffy, some work, some don't its as simple as that.
  16. that sucks dude i would just quit
  17. ok here is how tests and livers work...think of your liver as a sponge, and a joint as 1 drop of water...if you smoke every day eventually your sponge, liver, will get saturated with drops and w/every drop you add to the sponge a drop will come out the bottom making a pos test...dry out the sponge, now when you add a drop to your sponge nothing comes out the bottom and you will get neg test...just like it takes time to build up a saturated liver so a pos test will result, once you dry out your liver it takes alot of drops, j's, before a test will come out do need to dry your liver out but once you do you can safely smoke a j a day and pass tests...i smoked 2 j's while out on work release and did this...3 hours after i smoked second j i pissed and the test came back neg...not enough drops in my sponge to show up on a piss test...good luck.

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