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Probation thru the mail????

Discussion in 'General' started by ArianaT., Jun 11, 2009.

  1. i was just wondering if anybody on here knows anything about "mail in probabation"
    Im live in FL. About two months ago i got pulled over and i had an eighth in my purse it was in a little baggie but wasnt wrapped and the cop smelled it that gave him probable cause to search my car and obiviously he found my bud:(So to maek a long story short i have court on tues. and i went to go see my lawyer yest. he said they're giving me probabition for 6mo(will prob be off in 3 if i dont violate) but im not gonna have to go see a P.O im just gonna mail in my shit every month obviously when ur on prb they can drug test u whenever they want randomly but i thought there were certain probabations that u can get away with smoking cause they dont really drug test you:confused:.
  2. Save yourself a lot of potential headache and wait till after your probation to smoke again.
  3. damn the smelled it agin search, i wish theese would end. they are slowly as a few states have made state level supreme court rulings that the smell is not probable cause for a search of homes and cars. washington and utah are 2 that i know of. itas time to challenge the lawss, as it is clear that smell alone is not const. grounds for probable cause as upheld by state supreme courts. NEVER CONSENT TO A HEY I SMELL SOMETHING SEARCH!
  4. He didn't give e a choice. I had to let him go thru my car:mad:

  5. you always have a choice, they like to trick people.

    what part of fla you at?
  6. Im in palm beah but this happened in St Lucie co.They're real bad up there literally will put u in jail for anything they can.My attorney is in Palm Beach and he says that if i had gotten caught down here it would just be a slap on the wrist being that this is my frist time being in trouble(and i kno plenty of ppl in palm beach that gotten caught with wayy worst than 1/8 and they were straight) but up there they want me to do probabation.They wanted me to do a yr he got them to agree to 6mo:(Hopefully i can mail in my probation papers for the month pay my fees and not have to pee in a cup.

  7. nope. st lucie co. is worse than broward and miami-dade when it comes to probation hearings and not so random drug testing. from what i know, you WILL get tested at each probation hearing, there is no "sorry i live far away and cant get there" they will violate you on your probation system.

  8. I don't know about your location but that shit doesn't fly in NJ. If they smell alcohol you're getting searched and if they even think that they smell weed you'll get searched. If I listened to you being on the east coast, I'd probably get my face kicked in and charged with resisting arrest, failure to comply and a bunch of other bullshit charges.
  9. Cops in NJ are terrible. They try to get you with every single charge they can. You can read police reports and there is huge lists for stupid shit.
  10. I had the same shit and im in FL. I had to fill out a paper answering some questions then send a money order with it once a month and that was all. She called me 2 times in 12 months and I had to take 2 drug tests. I think I just got off easy because my probation officer was a lazy bitch. Just get all your probation orders done and you should be good

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