Probation terminated today :3

Discussion in 'General' started by HxCurt, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. sooooooooooooo high ;D

    picture somewhat related

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  2. good shit bro
  3. yeah man an 18 month tolerance break fuck
  4. hell ya man
    i cant wait to get off mine
    march 17th baby
    its gonna be almost as good as my b-day
  5. oh man im framing out this is delish
  6. Are you on the right or the left???
  7. what?
  8. In the picture, are you on the right or the left?
  9. ohhh ahahaha
    the right man... the right
  10. congrats man enjoy it
  11. Word man, is there any chance i can barrow your car sometime, mines back in the middle ages?
  12. Would you shit your pants if they called and were like "Yeah sorry bro we need you to come in for one last drug test because of a technicality"
  13. roflll
  14. ahaha that would SUCK but the judge signed the order in front of me its a done deal

    wake and bake right now :smoking:
  15. congrats man. smoke a shitload.

  16. Congrads man! I just got off last friday, what a good weekend it was :smoking::wave:
  17. Only another month and a half for me :hello: god it's been almost a year.
  18. this coming at wednesday at 6:20 i will be off and high. ill keep u guys posted here on GC how my first smoke in over 4 months goes.

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