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Probation Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LuckyBlaze, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Just a question for anyone with expierience/knowledge.

    background Info:

    I am 18, I got an MIP 3 months ago and with a lawyer I got the MIP Diversion program which involves 6 months of probation with random Drug and Alcohol testing.

    I'm 3 months deep in probation and haven't been drug tested, only pbt's on the weekends.


    Will i be piss tested? I been smoking on/off for these last 3 months but now i quit since its not worth the risk and its only 3 months left.

    How worried should I be about a drug test? Do you think I will be tested soon or at the end of my probation? were you?

    I saw the email he sent to the probation place and it said he wanted me tested 3 or 4 times a month, pbt testing, on sat. and sundays. because i am busy mon-fri with school and work and cant test. it didnt say anything about drug testing but maybe he will call the place up and be like "lets see whats in his system" you kno?

    I'm working out lifting/cardio every day now, eating healthy and drinking lots of fluids +cranberry in anticipation.. hope i dont get tested any time soon!!! :eek:

    thx for the input, and toke up if you can!! i'd give anything to be able to hit it with you :smoke: :D
  2. I just wouldn't risk it straight up. You got away with it thus far... no reason in putting yourself in a potentially bad situation.
  3. From what I've heard from friends on probation is that they take advantage of the fact you think you're going to be tested randomly throughout, and they often only test you once at the end. Still, I wouldn't smoke on probation, not worth it, regardless of the drug test situation.
  4. yea man, hes gonna piss you eventually,
    if its not rite now
    its gonna be your VERY last visit.
    thats how some do it.
    butthen again, sometimes they dont do it at all.

    but you should just wait it out man
    its tought.
    but itll pay off in te end
    for sure!!
  5. Thanks for the advice and thoughts guys, your all right. I have dedicated myself to going 100% clean and using the 3 months of sobriety as a chance to get back into shape. i'm 3 days in lol, i just hope they dont test me within the next month :/
  6. just keep excersizing andstaying healthy man

    should getyou cleaner soon.
    good luck bro!
    let us know when you make it out n shit
    and if they even test you.

  7. Will do man! thanks for the encouragment! tty in 3 months :p
  8. Don't risk it. Dont even think about it.

    The weed will be there when your off pb.

    Good luck, it's only 3 months, I guanrentte you have the willpower to get through that small amount off time.
  9. I get a drug test every week and i still manage to blaze like 6 times in 3 days and get clean :). All you have to do is smoke a small amount each time for a few days then don't smoke for 4 or 5 days. I suggest working out for the first 3 days then on the last day for about half the day drink as much water as your stomach can hold. Piss at least 8 times that day then take the test. No cheating, no cleaners, and no worries (If its your first time i'd be worried). Since you got a PO and they don't even drug test you for some reason which I find wierd, because when I had one I got drug tested once every month which i passed every single one of them even though i did blaze a few times. All it depends on is your body weight and how much you smoked, how long you stopped for. Don't do it if your worried last thing you want is to be high and be paranoid!

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