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  1. if your on probation and ur charge doesnt have to do with drugs do they ever like ever piss test or swab test u?
  2. Yes. Not all the time, but sometimes.

    It really depends on (a)your individual situation and past history, (b) the judge that gets your case, (c) your probation officer.

    Too many variables to say yes or no.
  3. most likely no. had a big charge went to probation and i saw that they had a chart saying come in every day to get piss tested and i freaked out but i read more and at least in MN if your charge isnt drug related they wont test you but im sure it differs state to state and if drugs were in your system when arrested may play a big part in it as well but my PO knew i smoked and tried other things but she never tested me.

  4. im in NY im wondering if they will surprise me with a test one day out of the blue
  5. oh well here in MN they require 24hrs notice before a test. check on your state laws. but in no way is this going to be enjoyable for you. probation sucked donkey dick for me just becuase i had to show up once a month , take days off , and just stressing and even i wasnt suppose to leave the state. But i never got ddrug tests but then again my probation wasnt for drugs
  6. mines not for drugs either i got super pissed at my mom one day and stole her car from her at the gas station to leave her ass there and a cop saw me take the key from her and then he turned on his lights and i bugged out and spead off and like 10 miles later my car was on fire from hitting cop cars n shit and yeah dude i just sat in the burning car a lit up a boge and waited to go to jail at that point.. thats why im on probation 10 months later. 4.5 years probation...
  7. ........ im sorry but how old are you? that seems like a fucking crazy dumb thing to do. havent you watched cops? anyone fleeing with a car gets caught no matter what.. gotroad strips, radios to warn comes , helicopters, cameras , dogs, your getting caught lol. i would search laws on google for your state. try search whatever you were charged with in google and add NY.
  8. yeah i wasnt thinking clearly so they gave me a youthful offender adjudication so basicaly i dont ever have to tell anyone i was arrested n shit even to cops and job applications (hellll yeahh!!!) i was 18 when i did it so i was a candidate for a Y. O.
    yeah il look more into my case i guess i should talk to more ppl on probation in my county i suppose.

  9. that sounds like some GTA shit :laughing:
  10. lol yea..... something like that

  11. ohhh dude it was. it was fucking siiiick minus 10 months in jail 4 and a half years probation
    overall completly idiotic.
    but i got madd air over hills and rail road tracks with the 08 jeep grand cherokee pedal to the floor. shit was a tank. i was doing upwards of 100 at some points in the chase mainly the straight aways. it was totaly GTA but in GTA u actualy get away in reality they have helicopters over ur car after 4 minutes and they also have 2 dogs chew ur arm and ass to pull u out of the car. not cool. i cried those dogs were viscious. plus the cops beat my ass and let the dogs chew on me for 10 minutes before the car fire got out of control and we had to run away before it could possibly explode n shit. the fire dept. got there in time though so the car didnt blow
  12. wow..... sounds like a movie. sucks dude but you kinda put yourself in the postion best you can do it stick out probation
  13. god damn why can't people like you just be locked up for life : |
  14. seem a bit harsh to me...
  15. he got "super pissed at his mom" so decided to go on a 100 mph police chase.

    you're saying he is capable of functioning in society? he was 18 dude not like 14.

    edit: and he's worried if he can smoke weed WTF

  16. broooo im a good driver i didnt kill anyone! if i killed someone then i could understand u saying that and yeah i probably would be on lock for life. but i didnt so :p
    im a little crazy so what, big deal; everyone goes off from time to time lighten up
  17. you better just bust out the k2 and not even risk it

  18. im bipolar weed regulates me so i dont get super pissed. i just busted into a psycosis and went on a police chase its not like im evil.
    but yeah weed works for me, if i smoked that day that shit happened when i did that to myself i wouldnt have done it plain and simple
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    yeah man sometimes i act totally retarded and endanger others for the heck of it.
  20. he just askd about probation and explained what happen and asked if they drug test he never even said why. assumption is the mother of all fuck ups... i wouldnt assume. He obviously acted out and wrong and made the bad descission which is why he needs to stick out probation. They need to put rapist , serial killers, killers, drug lords and thugs in jail. Hes a kid that was pissed and acted out theres no reason jail should be his life bcuz of this

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