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Probation Officer Is A Dickhead

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kansas Kush, May 31, 2013.

  1. Took my Baseline UA level came out at thc 759. Took another one a week later and it came out positive not sure what level though and my PO placed me on house arrest! I didn't smoke in between the UA's at all but is he aloud to place me on house arrest because of this, it takes a month to get clean not a week. Then i took another lets say a week later but it came back negative, i think it came out negative because i drank atleast a gallon of water so i could go pee infront of the people because i have a shy bladder. So he assumes that im clean after that which I'm not. I then take a UA a week later and it comes back positive but i didnt smoke! He insists im smoking which im not! I tried to explain my self to him but he says no there is no way. It doesn't make since for me to be clean within 2 weeks, i have a slow metabolism. He keeps me on house arrest longer. I take another UA and it comes back abnormal so yesterday he calls me 3:30pm telling me i need to go take a UA and the place closes at 6 and i have an appointment that i need to leave my house for at 5! There was no way i would be able to get ready to take a UA within that time period and I get placed on house arrest longer because of this! He is being extremely unfair and closed to anything i have to say! What do i do! He is a new probation officer he's only been one for 2 months. I feel like i'm being punished for his ignorance. What would you guys do in my situation?

  2. Ask him if he would be kind enough to consult with his supervisor over the sequence of events. Or even better, if you both may consult with the supervisor. :smoke:
  3. My PO filed for a probation revocation. That website wouldn't uphold anything in court, although there is citations for some parts of it the important parts that will help me out are not cited. I feel like my attorney can't do an adequate job representing me because he doesn't become knowledgeable to whats going in in my case until 15 before the hearing. He's court appointed and I cannot afford to hire a different one. I'm stressing out over this!
  4. Well the drinking water thing worked the first time, why not try that? You could try to get someone to go out and buy you a Detox kit but 80% of those products really don't work.
  5. I'm clean tho!
  6. By that i mean i havent been smoking! i just took a UA today and this one should come out positive but because One of them came out negative he assumed i was drug free then the one after that came out dirty so he thinks i smoked again! And because of that he filed to the probation revocation
  7. Well when you are on probation , it becomes priority over everything else :/ really sucks but that is how it works. I know you have a different appointment soon but can it wait? Is it possible to request a new PO? I went through 3 different ones while serving time for the same crime.

    It's going to be hard to convince anyone at the probation department to bend for you, they have heard EVERY single story in the book.
  8. And the one that came out negative was because you drank a gallon of water correct? Try that next time too if it worked the first time.
  9. I can't just say i want a new PO and expect to get one.
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    Tell them you're uncomfortable with the way his eyes widen whenever you are urinating ? :confused_2:
  11. Haha he doesn't watch me i go to a different place that sends it into a lab, any other ideas anyone??
  12. I'd talk to his supervisor asap
  13. Honestly it does sound like BS. Parole officers are constantly lied to by the majority of people they see. Two months or two years it doesn't take long to figure out most criminals have no problem lying to save their ass. Regardless of validity, he's not going to buy it passing a test one week and failing the next.

    If the second test was passed because you drank a gallon of water, it should have came back as diluted. By a full three weeks in, most smokers would be clean. Your fourth test came back looking like it was tampered with.
    Look at the facts you gave and it isn't that hard to see why he would have doubts.
  14. this too shall pass

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    Should request that he do a blood test as well as a urine. This way he will have a 2-7day span of knowing you did not smoke as well as a panel that is slowing lower and lower levels. I went to my first probation after a 1 month t-break, looked fresh to death in a nice button up shirt and dress pants, was really respectful, asked my po if she knew about any community service type things that were available in our county. She gave me a quick mouthswab, had me read and sign some papers and said she never wants to see me again.
    In fact, she even okay'ed me to travel outside of the country.
    Then my friend went in with his fitted hat, a lil wayne tee shirt, jeans sagging low and an attitude. She loves to see him on a regular basis even though he stopped smoking even before I did. She's even violated him a couple times for little weekend stays at county.
    Attitude and impression is everything. They are supposed to be making sure you're not doing drugs and that you are doing things to help "turn your life around". Do some stuff to make this guy think you are doing better. Request that he orders a blood test on top of the urinalysis so that he will be able to believe you when you say you have not been smoking.
  16. And if the blood test comes up positive, STOP SMOKING  :bongin:

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