Probation has permanently scarred me to the sound of the door knocking...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SlightlyStonedSD, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Ok I don't have a lot of phobias.. the only one I can think of is needles.. but ever since I was on probation and got raided by the pigs a few times I'm permanently scarred to the sound of knocking..
    I've been off probation for 2-3 years.. I was on for 4 years... One time when I lived at my moms house I was even awakened to 5-6 cops at my bedroom door banging loudly (because she let them in, she didn't know better) and then they busted in and found some weed and locked me up for a violation...
    Now every time someone knocks on the door or even knocks on something in a completely unrelated way my stomach drops and I get crazy anxiety temporarily..
    I should add it's almost exclusively when I'm at my own house not out in public
    It seems weird to me but has anyone else experienced this? 

  2. It's like a conditioned respose. Those knocks represent negative events. Like Pavlov and the dog/bell conditioning experiment. 
    Your buddies need to get together and randomly send stripping female messengers to your house to help over come the earlier training. :smoke:
    For science! :D

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