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  1. I was recently put on conditional discharge, meaning after a year my case will be dismissed. I was only arrested with a tiny bit of weed & para. Had to pay ~800$ in fines which sucks ass but apparently a lot of people who have been in this situation said they were barely on probation. No community service or anything but i'm on probation for a year, and as long as i don't fuck up i'm good. I'm from the east but i'm moving out to CO soon for school. Judge said they may only call me in once twice or three times, however much they want I guess, but if they wanted to they could have me take a UA out there & send it back. Had a friend in a similar situation and they called him in once and never called him back. Will they actually care about me? This is my first offense and i'm pretty scared. Shitty being on probation for my first year in CO. Anyone have similar experiences?
  2. Been on probation bro and it sucks only when everyone else is able to smoke but you can't... Honestly it's best to just stay clean for the year and consider it a t break dude because if they hit you with the pee test you're gonna be sitting there like damn if only I had some self-control. Sucks your gonna be in CO as well but hey plenty of weed to smoke when you get off trust me..

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  3. Just about to go on probation myself. (Most likely)...

    Gonna be a riot!

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  4. I was on probation from summer of 14 to April of this year. I'm from NY and I had my first drug test at the start of probation and was clean. After that, I only had to check in with a PO and I was asked to use a breathalyzer now and then but I surprisingly was never tested. I had youthful offender and was a caretaker at the time, so I just stayed away from weed altogether.

    It comes down to your PO honestly. The best advice I'll give you is to still not smoke. If you paid your fines and get a nice PO and judge, you'll likely be able to get off in half that time with their approval. My PO wrote a letter when I was close to halfway through a 5 year probation and within 2 weeks I was off. 2 years without weed sucked from 20-23, but I have a clean record, I'm smoking daily, and I didn't have to deal with any jail time.

    You should just stay clean 6 months and mention constantly to your PO about needing to move out of county. After a few months, especially if you get tested once or twice randomly and pass, they can write a letter to your judge and explain why probation is no longer necessary and how it's hurting your life. Early termination sounds likely 5 to 6 months in.

    Out of the 2 and a half years of probation, I was only drug tested once in the very beginning but it wasn't worth the risk to smoke. My PO stopped by my house randomly maybe 5 times total, with me only being home twice. I had to visit every 2 or 3 weeks, then down to once a month, then after almost 2 years, I only had to email her once a month saying that nothings new and everything's fine. I had to show paystubs now and then until I wasn't required to check in face-to-face anymore, too.

    You're on probation for a very short amount of time and it's likely they don't care about you enough to test, but it's not worth the risk depending on your personal life.
  5. I've been there man. Pay your fines right away or they'll fuck with u especially if your making payments don't miss any or you'll be back n court. Basically they are giving you a chance to mess up in the next year. And when you do they'll have a pile of charges against you so they can put you in jail for a long period of time or even worse an out patient treatment center that you can't graduate from. Mess up there and they'll make sure you get locked up long enough to lose your job. At that point you'll have a hard time finding a job because your record reflects that your a drug addict. Don't leave home with shit on you let a chick carry your shit.
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  6. 1st time on probation for being guilty by association. Seen po multiple times, Tested clean clean all the time and payed the 3000 dollar fine. Second time around on probation. My fault this time i moved over 2 countys got transferred had a different po. Dirty drop 1once seen the p.o 2 more times and just stopped showing for like a year and a half til i had court to get off probation. Wasnt fkd with the whoole time not even revoked nothing. Didnt even pay the fine but settled out in court after 2 months to get off everything and spend 14 days in jail. I prepped for 2 weeks Went in with money left with money amd still had my job. Been 4 years now and shyt. But yeah feels good to not be on papers!
  7. Sounds like a pretty lax county doesn't work like that in Oregon
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  8. Since i switched over counties 7 years ago ive havent been in trouble since. But i was living in a county full of thirsty ass police. Like seriously i got a ticket for failure to dim headlights one time. Fkn illinois tho. Hopefully legalize by july 2018

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