Probation Ending Soon

Discussion in 'General' started by SupItsJohn, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. So I get off basically a year of probation next Tuesday, on the 20th. I’m very excited. I’m gonna call my probation officer as soon as the court opens up, ask if I’m all clear, and smoke as soon as she says I’m all clear(might even light it up on the phone after she says I’m good) I’m grabbing an O and gonna be smoking all day. I seriously can’t wait. I did smoke one time on probation. I took like 2 hits out of a bowl because I knew I wouldn’t have to test for 2 weeks and it never showed up(was kinda tripping about it after the fact) I miss the ganja, and the feeling it gives me, I used to smoke everyday pretty heavily. Atleast a gram in a blunt. Used to start out with swishers when I was young, but was shown backwoods and cannot wait to smoke a backwood for the first time. My girlfriend didn’t smoke before I was put on probation, but after she tried smoking it with me, obviously I couldn’t smoke with her. And I’m excited to have sex while smoking with her, as I’ve always wanted to. Next Tuesday is gonna be a great day for me! Let me know how you guys celebrated your first day off probation or any thoughts you guys have! (Sorry for the long post)

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