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  1. Hey guys, ive been a lurker for a minute on here and ive decided i wanna share my story on the matter. So ive been on probation for about 3 months now on a non drug related misdemeanor. During my whole three months so far ive never been drug tested at my monthly check ups. I dont have to call everyday for my color or number or anything like that. Recently for some stupid reason honestly, I decided to smoke a few times. Nothing crazy at all. But i get off probo January 30 of this coming month.( today being new years eve). I meet with her two days before my discharge date. The 28th. So i have about a month to get clean. I guess my question is, would i be able to pass it naturally? Just drinking water and maybe a couple detox drinks? And is there a chance i could even get tested? Shes never even mentioned anything like it to me the whole time ive been on it. Never really been a priority or anything and ive never given her a reason to want to. She can test me randomly at anytime but she hasn’t done anything of that sort at all. Im just kinda nervous and want some other peoples opinion. She does have a liking for me. She knows im a good kid and just probably wants me out of her office. Thanks for any advice if you guys reply. Obviously im not going to smoke anymore now until the 30th when im set to be off. Im just getting the vibe that she either isn’t concerned at all and wont test me at all or shes just waiting to pop me maybe. So it definitely makes me a bit anxious and paranoid. Thanks for any replies if anyone does i really do appreciate it and hope thisbis the right place for this
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  2. i dont know if this matters either but, im 6’0, about 185 at the moment and i dont workout a ton like i used to. Im just hoping since i got fully clean for about three months that now ill be able to flush it out of my system faster than I usually would. The first time i had to get clean it took my way more than a month because i smoked everyday. So i just want some insight! Im hoping and kinda thinking ill be good but like i said, i just want some insight or advice on the matter. Thank you
  3. I’d assume they gunna drug test ya. Was there ever any mention of not using drugs or alcohol while on probation it’s usually a condition of probation/parole.
    Keep drinking water, stay clean, buy some drug test for home, ya don’t wanna take a chance and go back to court for not havin self control in the next 30 days.
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  4. so she’s mentioned it before, but everytime ive came in for my monthly visit that would last maybe 5 minutes, she would just have me update her on my life while also asking if ive been clean. At the time i said yes cause i have been and shes really never bothered or mentioned that she would test me. I use weed for my ankle originally cause i had surgery on it my senior year of high school. She knows that as well and she knows that ive been using cbd and what not too. She’s never mentioned testing me or anything like that. I just dont see why she would now that, because the next time i come in will be my last visit. I could see why she would, but is she really going to? She always been super nice to me and very helpful cause she knows its been tough and nervous for me. Im hoping i wont be tested. I keep thinking she wont so that i dont manifest her actual doing it. But yeah i dont know. Thanks for replying man
  5. I also have this app that keeps track of how many days ive been sober. I feel like ive given her a good representation, i got a new job since ive been on probation, ive been clean and ive been doing my community service yknow. I just slipped up. And my charge was related to my last job, because i used to work at a headshop, the only reason i got busted is because the feds did a sting on our store and my co worker helped the lady they were in on it with by giving her juul pods without carding and i was only the guy that cashed her out so im the one that took the hit
  6. She ain’t ur friend remember that. I’d stay clean and not tell er shit.
  7. yeah, you’re right dude. Im gonna try my best. If i have anymore thoughts or questions ill come back to this thread and ask you since you’re the only person thats replied. And ill definitely update at the end of this month with whatever happens. Wish me luck
  8. I don’t know everything who knows ya may skate by n b like “ damn I coulda been smokin”. But ya don’t want to be on real probation man it sucks. Good luck.

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