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Probation drug test

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DaHuntzMen, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. I'm on probation and get random drug tests that I have to pay for out of pocket and already chose a "approved" clinic and the 1st and the guy came into the bath room and stood behind me about 3-5 feet away but walked out once I unzipped and the 2nd drug test the guy left the door open so he could look up my last results and I passed with the quickfix 6.1 since I had a chance to use synthetic urine. but I'm curious if this is how it will go down every time because I bought a wizclear with a silent valve and I don't know if "procedure" will change since I "passed" and will make me pull up my shirt or will look at my cock. I have probably less than two weeks till the test and I made a mistake of smoking about 8 blunts and been just started to take two 500mg of Natures Bounty Niacin Flush free a day and drink over 8 bottles of water, how ever also have a bit of a soda addiction ( mountain dew so to speak). and only have a small gut and weight around 180-190 and work outdoors doing general maintenance for a golf course and exposed to the heat all day long and 7 years ago when I was fatter and weighed 200 Lbs it took 20 days to get the thc out of my system. For the record I been smoking two ounces a month for at least a year and a half and don't know if i'm "SOL"
  2. Pretty sure that's as bad as it's going to get. Ive only ever heard of the military actually watching the pee leave your body lol.
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  3. Careful substituting. Check your local laws. A buddy of mine received a felony for tampering with state evidence I think the charge was. He got caught with a wizinator and fake pee. Ended up doing 60 days and the felony following him around.

    I've been on probation before where the PO gets right up in your business the whole time. It depends widely on the PO and the jurisdiction your on probation with. I've been on probation in several, they don't all handle things the same. Some are less strict and observant... some are more
  4. My probation officer is a female and she doesn't conduct the dt a regular addiction clinic that I chose does it and the guy that handles the dt thinks it's stupid that people are being forced to perform drug tests for thc. I'm on probation for misdemeanor charge of possession under 20 grams for the county not state or federal.
  5. I was watched every time on probation. From unzip to last drip.
  6. My buddy was on probation for a misdemeanor on county level. All I'm saying is be careful. You may end up with a worse charge out of it if you get caught defrauding a test.

    Funny thing is had he failed instead of being caught he probably would of only had to take classes and scrutinized more on tests. Instead he ended up with a felony on his record, classes, extended probation, very scrutinized tests and more jail time.....
  7. Yeah I hear ya man. I'm pretty well versed in the law and know the penalties and I'm just worried about the Niacin not working and I feel as the judge and my po wont be fair considering that they would lock you up for not showing up the clinic for testing and chancing it based off my current experience seems worth it
  8. Niacin won't be a quick fix. All niacin is, is a diaretic which speeds up your metabolism. It will not clean you out or mask the thc metabolites. If you're dirty it can make you appear dirtier while it's doing it's thing. Niacin might speed up your metabolism but your metabolism still needs to process the detectable metabolites which takes time
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  9. I believe I have about two weeks or slightly less and I figured it would be long enough. Should I just stick to drinking a ton of water?
  10. Water doesn't flush it out either, but you can dilute your urine with it. However if they detect that on a probation test they will consider it a fail anyway
  11. Water just dilutes your urine it won't flush. Your fat cells where it's stored.

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