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Probation drug test... Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by KingofthePlebs, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. So I am taking my last drug test for probation tomorrow. Last week I was faint-lining drug tests fairly regularly. Today I took one with a considerably darker line, so I'm feeling pretty confident. Just thought I'd share my stresses with the city and get some support. I will post up my results when I get them Tuesday. If all's well, I'm burning a fatty for everyone who sends the good vibes my way :wave:
  2. Good luck tomorrow bro! Don't need to stress that much since you took your own dt and got a negative result so you should be ok.
    I wish I had scheduled drug test. my parents are randomly drug testing me and I don't know any ways of cheating it other than carrying around some clean piss.....but fuck it I'm somewhat enjoying this t-break cuz I know that when I start smoking again I'll get super duper baked :D.
    Update us on the results man!
    (also nice sig, had me lol'ing, it's true though :D)
  3. Good luck! I should be taking my last probation drug test here soon. My last day of probation is the 21st but my PO submitted my discharge so if they judge signs it before then Im off! Since today is my birthday I am praying she will call me today and tell me Im off so I can blaze the ounce of many different types of chronic Ive been saving :D
  4. Damn Im jealous. I have 11 more months to go.
  5. Appreciate the support guys, I should be good to go, headed to the court house within the hour.

    Sorry you have 11 more months to go man, thought about investing in a whizzinator?
  6. drink water until you can't, and then drink more...flush that system real nice, and then, after you've downed like a gallon of water before the test take some sort of multivitamin or just random various vitamins to get color in your urine.

    Good luck, this is usually a situation where intelligence will determine how you come out of the other end of this situation....

  7. Believe me friend, I've read up to my ears on dilution tips and tricks, did my best but I still got pegged as too watery, so this test has to be the real mccoy
  8. I've seen sooooo many people busted using those.

    It is way to risky.

    I am on my 12th month now, 6 more months and I can get off early (without any violations), if I violate between now and then, I have to do the full 36 months, so I am pretty much just staying home and out of trouble lol.
  9. Yeah, I can't use one on mine because it is observed- we're talking mirrors and shit.

    Best thing I've heard is every time you get tested, toke up for a day or so, then chill. Should only take you about 3-5 days time to get clean with plenty of headroom in between tests. But me? I can't just smoke for two days so I just steer clear all together.
  10. Good luck mayne!!

    I took an at-home drug test last week to see if I was clean for the UA I gotta take for health insurance and the booklet it came said any line (whether very faint or not) means you're negative so I think you're good to go.
  11. Goodluck man, don't we all hate court :mad: :rolleyes:
  12. Thanks guys, headed to the court house now- here goes nothin'

  13. drumroll please!!!!!
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    Yeah that is how my test is, they have a mirror in front of you (behind and above the toilet) and stare at my cock when I piss for them.

    My probation officer is real cool though, he hasn't piss tested me now in 5 months.

    I don't give them any problems, I did my drug counseling without any problems, I already paid off all my fines and court cost, I already have done all my community service hours, and I have not even been given a ticket since starting -- so he does not really bother me, I just go in once a month, set up my next appointment, and im out the door in 2-3 minutes.

    Last piss test I got was in October, lol!

    Just do your best to act like a responsible citizen, try to make all your fine payments ahead of time so it looks like you are trying the best you can do the right thing, and they will really cut you some slack.


    Yes this works great, after my test I smoke up for 3-4 days, and then stop.

    I tested myself the first time I tried it, and 5 days later after smoking 1 gram of hash the day I had my test (the night after I already took it), and 5 days later I was already clean, and I smoked a whole gram of real potent bubble hash.

    Smoking for 3-4 days after my test, I test clean about 2 weeks later, which leaves me plenty of time before my next meeting.

    The only thing is if your probation officer ever decides to give you a random test in the middle of the month you are going to have a problem, luckily the probation officer I have now is so cool with me.

    He came over once and I had a couple of roaches on my desk, and he just talked to me outside my house for a minute and explained he doesn't think marijuana should be illegal and he has no problem with me smoking weed, just to make sure I wouldn't piss dirty when we had our meeting if he drug tested me.

    I was in shock, I just looked at him like ":eek: Yes sir :eek:"

  15. That's fucking awesome man

    So I took the test.. piss looked good (whatever the fuck that means) and I whipped my dick out like a champ:p

    Actually, I totally didn't. I've taken these tests before and been fine, but for some reason I got a ridiculous case of the shakes (could be the lack of food/sleep) and it was OBVIOUS. I mean my whole damned body was rattling, and then I couldn't stop thinking about how bad I was shaking in front of this guy, vicious cycle until I ultimately cracked a "damn... I'm pissing all over myself" line.

    So, it was an event. We'll see the results tomorrow. Stay posted and send your good vibes towards my little cup of pee! (But don't blow your hits that way please)

  16. go little piss cup go!!
  17. Hey probationers past or present I have a question:

    Do they usually test on the last day of probation or make you go in to sign anything?

    See I'm on informal probation and was only tested once way back in October. I got a petty misdemeanor when I was 17 but I turned 18 while I was on probation. And my maximum 6 month period for probation is ending soon, like last time I talked to my p.o., which was back in January, she said my last day was on March 20th. But unfortunately I made the mistake of smoking a day ago so I've been kind of feeling paranoid about whether I will even be contacted again.
  18. Good luck man. I went through 5 years of off and on random UA's through probation and drug/alcohol programs. I still remember my last day of probation.

    My PO let me off like 4 months early!! I was callin in to reschedule my appointment cause I ate a bunch of shrooms the night before lol. When I told her I needed a new meeting date she looked at her books and basically told me I had shown much improvement and as long as I didnt get any charges for the next 4 months I didnt even need to check in for our meetings. :D It was one of the most relieving feelings I have ever had.

    Been out of the system ever since. :D Can I get a amen??!
  19. Amen. But mine was only for 6 months luckily and she filed a motion for early termination of probation because I got a job and did my community service, but I don't think it got improved. Still seems unlikely that I get anymore tests, but would screw me over if I did.
  20. Your probation officer tested for shrooms? All they use here are the 5 panel dip tests, and they do not test for shrooms.

    Were you busted with shrooms when you were arrested? Because I honestly never heard of them tasting for that.

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