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Probation Discharge Papers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CHIWANG, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Yo. Wassup dudes. Been a little while since I've been on here. I've been on unsupervised probation since December 5th, 2013. I get off next Friday. Payed off my fines immediately, finished drug classes and passed all my tests for it. Kinda pissed I've stayed sober and haven't been drug tested this whole time, haven't met my PO either. Thinking about giving him a call to see how I can get my discharge papers...if I need to pick em up or if they'll mail them. Was wondering how long it usually takes to get the papers after you get off probation? Soo psyched to toke up in 2 weeks
  2. congrats on making it through man, you did well to have patience 
  3. Watch out they can be sneaky fucks andpiss you right before you get off if you have a last visit. Probation is a revenue generating scam and they would love nothing more than to violate you and extend your time with them,
  4. thanks bro. Wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Gonna be baked as fuck next time I smoke
  5. I'm on unsupervised so never had any visits. I got my license suspended for 6 months, $500 fine, and 3 months of drug classes. I got tested during classes but since I've never heard from po or was like I was never even on probation. I just figured I'd not smoke so I can save money for a car/truck and I wanted to be clean in case they pulled a fast one...heard stories of that happening
  6. Don't risk anything, you're almost there! Get everything set up for your last day so when it finally turns, whip out the bud!
  7. I was on unsupervised and they still came to my house and tested me 2 days before my discharge date. got 2 months in County and an extra year of probo for popping dirty for weed.

    call them now and find out when you're completely done while you're still clean.

    I worded it like.. "Hello PO. When do I get all of my rights back?"
  8. I thought this was 'prostate discharge papers'
    luckily i was wrong
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    damn what did you do?
  10. well there's plenty of cops lurking on these forums, none of which will be happy to help you answer the question, rather look for people on here to bust.... but I can tell you from personal experience, there are no 'discharge papers' for probation. It's not the military, it's a criminal charge and when you're done, you either appear in court (the most likely scenario) and the judge will either dismiss the charges or accept the probation completion. I see people in here asking about 'papers' when they get off prob all the time. I've never seen it, I have friends who've been on it, myself different states, and I've yet to see 'discharge papers' except from my honorable discharge from service.
  11. I'm just looking for some copy of documentation that says I completed my terms of probation. Can't hurt to have it
  12. bud and paraphernalia charges. Thank god I only had an eighth on me and it wasn't one of those days when I was picking up quarter pounds and shit
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    you're asking for something that doesn't exist.
    when you go to court for a criminal charge, you don't get discharge papers. when you serve time in jail and are released, you aren't given discharge papers.
    (or any variation of confirmation of completion)
    your drug class completion certificate, and the receipts to your PO office (likely the clerk of court) are your only paperwork you will probably get indicating any kind of completion.
    ask your PO.
  14. damn...really bro. That sucks. I'm m definitely staying clean until December 5th. I'll prob wait a few days maybe until the next week or weekend to see if I get anything from the court. The lady that ran the drug classes I had to take liked me...made sure to get on her good side. She told me chances are I won't get tested and I basically just have to stay out of trouble. She told me tho that she knows people that got popped with a test at the very end.
  15. haha. I got you dude. thanks. I just heard there was some kind of paperwork. I wouldn't now tho first, and hopefully last, time going through this shit. I'm just gonna wait until a few days after the day I get off just to play it safe
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    there's no better feeling (ok there's a few....but pretty fucking close...) than to get off probation. I know it would seem to make sense to have some type of confirmation on paper. But, in your intake paperwork they gave you (that you signed) when you first started your time with the PO office (I know you haven't met your PO but you have to have paperwork about it) the same paperwork that has your end date next Friday you mentioned on it. It should give your stipulations of probation. Discussing what you can and can't do, their ability to DT you, etc. If there's no verbiage in there about what happens at the end, then you should just call the office. Since you're clean, you really have nothing to worry about and should feel comfortable calling them and going to the office to pickup any of this paperwork you might need.
    if you do indeed get some kind of additional paperwork confirming the end of your probation period in the mail, in court, etc....I would love to know! I've just never seen it, I'm no lawyer and far from a cop and only have my personal experience and friends I know who have all been on paper. Like I said, in a couple states...myself only in 1 and never again because (supervised) probation BLOWS. 
  17. alright. Thanks a lot dude. That really helped. I'll double check the paperwork, have it somewhere, and make sure its the 5th and then I'll give the office a call to make sure I'm off...that prob sounds bad but whatever. Kind of hoping they drug test me so staying clean feels worth it. Haha
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    well good luck! so you didn't have to do a full year? what's your plans to smoke when you get off?
    because you said "next friday" but next friday is the 28th not the 5th. that's 2 weeks away
    editing this again. I saw in the original post you mentioned toking up in 2 weeks, sorry I was thinking you were getting off on the 28th.
    man, it will be a long 2 weeks brother...been there. so smoking plans??
  19. My bad. Meant not this Friday but the Friday after. And yeah I got a full year. Court date was early December. I just want to get together with my buddies and smoke til my face falls off
  20. prob gonna pick up an ounce next week and wait. Not too bad man. I've been sober for months so waiting two weeks is gonna feel like nothing. Kind of enjoyed not smoking, having a clear head, and a fatter wallet. I think I'm just gonna smoke more moderately instead of all the fucking time

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