Probation and DT question...

Discussion in 'General' started by noseatbeltcrash, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. I meet with my PO on the 25th and I've only met with her once before last month. She hasn't bothered me since my last meeting and I took a piss test then. Since she hasn't bothered me I assume either the test was neg. or she is just waiting to talk about it until next meeting. Anyways, I picked up a G a few minutes ago and want to smoke it tonight since I haven't smoked in about three months now. If I smoke tonight after not having smoked for almost three months and take her piss test on the 25th, yall think I will be good?
  2. it depends on your metabolism. how much water you drink, etc. smoke if you want to take the risk, but if you do drink alot of water. like, 3 gallons a day is usually good.
  3. by the 25th of this month? yeah you have PLENTY of time,
  4. If your not "big", and only smoke a gram, you should be fun.
  5. Only a gram huh? Keep it at that and you should be okay. I really would recommend holding out in the future though or at least smoking closer to right after you last got tested, like on the same day even. It's not worth the risk to cut it any closer than this, trust me, I got another year because of that. :rolleyes:

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