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Probably TMI, but...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by orejanai, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. I just got off of antibiotics recently and I've still got the runs. Do you guys have any experience with or know of any suggestions for using weed as treatment for diarrhea? I would assume indica is better, but I have no idea.
    I take probiotics and that probably helps, but I'm tired of taking so much Immodium.
    Thanks in advance, everyone!

  2. If you finished your antibiotics and are still having "the runs" it sounds pretty serious imo. I don't think weed will cure whatever bacterial infection you have, I'd go back to the doctor.
  3. haha. I'm pretty convinced that it's just one of those times where my GI is just cleaned out from the antibiotics, so it's going to take a couple weeks to restock the natural "flora". I just didn't know if anyone had taken anything to slow down the movement.
  4. Oh I understand, I thought you were on antibiotics because of the runs, not it was a side effect of the antibiotics itself. 

    I wish I could help you man but IDK anything about this, I'm on antibiotics now hopefully I wont be in your shoes in a couple days! 

    Good luck
  5. Maybe shove some nugs up your poop chute?   :confused_2:
    If I didn't think that would make me go septic somehow, I would consider it...lightly. lol.
  7. Whack down a ton of protein powder, eat yogurt and use metamucil.
  8. No but it does help an upset stomach and nausea.
  9. Fiber? I don't know man. That kind of sucks. Smoking will probably just make it more bearable

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  10. SOME anti-biotics are very bad for the digestive system, because there is (good) bacteria that live in your intestines, and assist with the digestion process. The anti-biotics could have reduced the number of good bacteria in your digestive system, making you get "the runs". I don't know if cannabis is going to help with the runs, but I've been using it for years to treat my chronic stomach pains. I guess you could say that chronic helps with the chronic.
    As a Crohns Disease sufferer, this is probably the culprit.
  12. I have stomach issues and pepto bismo helps harden it up.
  13. I've had to take a ton of Immodium recently, which, luckily, is pretty safe, but I'm hoping the probiotics I was on (that I couldn't find for some reason) start to help soon.
    I appreciate the feedback, guys. I got some Papaya and some White Romulan yesterday to test out to see if it helps with the cramps and stuff.
    CHEERS!  :bongin:
  14. Peppermint and Ginger works well too :)

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