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* Probably the worst (or greatest) cop story you've ever heard

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The_J0ker, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. #1 The_J0ker, Feb 19, 2011
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    It's a lil long but completely worth the read

    Me and my buddy Tom were having a good bros night out celebrating the end to my 2 week Tolerance break. We went to his house and chilled and smoked dank like anyone other friends. We both got as highest as we've been in a long long time, and it was a great night for both of us. Then he was gonna drop me off but of course we had to stop at micky d's first. We parked on a side street to eat like 1 mile from my house. When we finished eating he started the car and proceeded to drive me home. Shortly after a cop car began following us. After 4 blocks of following us he pulled us over. He said that my friend's car's license plate was expired as of "2/17/11" (Literally expired yesterday!! wtf..) Both of our eyes were completely bloodshot red so he obviously knew we were high. He asked us where we were going and we replied with honesty that we were coming back from micky D's and he was dropping me off. They kept asking us for a search and we refuted even though they tried to manipulate us into spilling. Then they made me (not my friend) step out of the car in the 35 degree weather in nothing but a long sleeve t shirt and khakis. Three other cop cars pulled up They tried to make me consent to a search and using scare tactics such as "if you have nothing to hide then let me search you." Then he made the most bullshit comment I've ever heard..."If you smoked within the last 4 months it's still in your system and therefore is still affecting you even though you don't know it. Therefore I can write you up for marijuana intoxication even if you didn't smoke tonight." I kept denying because I knew my rights and that they were bluffing, but they claimed to smell it so they did a pad down on me. They found nothing cuz right beforehand I made sure to tell my friend 'Don't consent to any searches no matter what. They were extremely frustrated. Then while this is going on I'm waiting for 45 minutes in the cold because they lost my license and couldnt find it anywhere. Then they told me to get back in the car, still without giving me my license without an explanation. He then makes my buddy step out and do sobriety tests. he passes them all and then he tells us to leave the area. As they're all about to dip I run out and track them down cuz they never gave me my license back. Then they said they didn't have it and kept arguing that they gave it back to me. After another 30 minutes of arguing in the freezing cold with multiple cops, one of them looks at me, back at his wallet and says "What's your middle name?" I say "Patrick." He pulls out my license in clear sight, hands it to me and drives away. Then me and my friend drive away in shock of the bullshit that just occured. We lift up a single napkin on the carpet of the car, and under it was a half gram of shake that spilt from a bowl. That single napkin was covering it up cuz I put it there from spilling a tiny bit of my mango smoothie. If I didn't laugh hard enough to spill that smoothie, We'd be fucked.As he goes to drop me off at my house, he pulls in my driveway. Before I leave, I open the glovebox to proudly take out my half O of dank, 2 new pipes, lighter, and grinder. Now I'm in my room smoking a victory bowl. :smoke:
  2. nice, that sucks im about to go on a t break, any tips
  3. That was a funny ass story...lmfao props to you and your friend for keeping your cool when youve got nug in the car, ive got so many friends that would have started sweating, crying, shaking, etc. and cracked under the pressure the cops put on you
  4. HAHAHA! That is an epic story my friend, and I bet that victory bowl never tasted so sweet! I'm Glad you know your rights, its amazing what cops say to try and get a confession. The sad thing is, I bet that cop actually believes that marijuana stays in your system for four months, and that it effects you weeks, even months after usage. The ignorance of people still baffles me.
  5. lol i just read your other topic haha
  6. If the Canadian TV show called The hour still existed I'd say submit that as "The Best Story Ever" lol :D

    Great shit dude.
    Glad you were able to deny a search.

    I tried denying a search when He seen flickering lights which were flash lights hanging from the top so my friend and I could see inside at night.

    This is funny as though

  7. Yeah, even I was surprised by the ignorance of that comment. It was hard to not break out laughing when he said that because how can someone say something anymore dumb?
  8. it was worth the read. Nice man, I always like to hear the victory stories.
  9. awsome read way to stand your ground against the pigs
  10. dude thats awesome
  11. Its so annoying that cops can legally lie.

    I was talking to several off duty cops in my area the other day, and they were actually all for legalization, granted I live in California. But we gotta remember, its not the cops making the law, and it is their job to enforce the law to the best of their ability, not to decide if a law should be enforced or not. There just people like us, who have hella stressful jobs where they see the darkest parts of humanity o a regular basis.
  12. I was outside with a couple of my boys sitting on a car . I sparked up the blunt and took some hits . It was my job to dispose of the weed bags . So i had ripped them up and threw them in the bushes . We finished smoking that Pure Kush blunt . And then we started rolling up some Master Kush . We smoked that i threw away the bags . And then the skaters we were smoking with dipped out . And the rest of us just chilled there leaning on top of the car . Then the fucking cops come running at us out of no where . They start searching us and shit and find nothing . I was stoned as fuck so i didn't say a word . While everyone else just talked to them . Telling them we did smoke but like a hour ago . And they had said the neighbors told us we were smoking now . Then i thought we were all good . All of a sudden the cops say there gonna call a canine . And they start asking for IDs and shit and asking us whos weed is it yelling . lmao im nervous but im spacing out . The cops search us one more time and find nothing they run our IDs . And tell us that one of my friends B was trespassing and did we know ? And were like nah and they arrest that niqquh . And then they call off the canine and drive away . We get in the car, and then drive to Arby's cause we all got the munchies . I order two large popcorn chicken meals . The End . Best cop experience ever . Because usually when i have a encounter with the cops it turns out bad .
  13. good story, sounded similar to mine in a lot of ways. The cop also threatened me with the drug dog to make us confess but we held our ground and both handled the situation right. They split us apart but being best friends we still knew exactly what to say and our stories matched perfectly. We said we threw the baggy out the window a couple hours earlier, knowing they couldn't charge us shit just for that even though they tried to play it off like they could. Then the cop tried to go buddy buddy on me and use the common trick "Oh if we just got a little baggy you know we would let you guys go free." To which I promptly replied "I wish I had weed to give you then officer so I could be free but unfortunately I don't." Haha they were so pissed when they had to leave. I was blazed the whole time, they knew it, i knew it, and they still couldn't do shit about it :smoke:
  14. When you travel, only take what you are going to use. Rolling around with half an O will get you more hassle than a couple grams if you do get nailed. Plus if the cops take it, you won't lose your whole stash.
  15. Yea I know, but I was at my buddy's house the entire night not driving around with it. It was only when we were driving the the mcdonalds 10 minutes away that we had it in the car because obviously I wasn't going to leave it there. Still not the best idea in hindsight but who knew we'd get pulled over for a bogus license plate infraction?
  16. Should have just hid it in your buddies house.

  17. haha keep blazin bro ! :smoke:
  18. good work, joker
  19. thats bullshit man, fuck cops who are like that. respect on not letting them search you. the whole drivers license deal really got to me, thats them being complete dirtbags. And LOL at the 4month smoking/driving ability thing...that is the biggest bullshit ive ever heard hahaha. Good job on the success though a lot of ppl would have gotten fucked over in that situation..including some of my friends which is both sad and scary.
  20. nah...:smoke:

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