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probably the worst for your lungs...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The_Change_Guy, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. hey guys. so ive been smoking weed everyday for about two and a half years, and have been smoking every week for 3 and a half. for a while it was strict joints, then pipes, then bongs. now im only a bong and joint guy.

    my friend about two years ago were all smokers. and had started doing what they called wiss hits, or rockstar tokes. basically you go about 1/3 tobacco in a bong bowl and single hit that shit with 2/3 weed on top (the order can be switched and the about can be increased up to a smoke in a hoot with a green screen.

    so it gives you this mad headrush, longer high, is more addictive, painful, and is basically upring the potency of your weed and changing the hi to a more "up" one.

    ive started worrying about my health, i cough up black stuff in the shower, have a very sore throat, and dont even like smoking strait greens anymore because its just not the same.

    on top of all this id like to cuz back but just bought an oz and another pack of smokes. i make up my mind every night that i'll go the next day sober (after 5 or ten hoots) wake up and get baked. :confused:
  2. Tobacco doesnt make weed get you higher, you are experiencing a nicotine buzz and a high all at once

    Tobacco also doesnt lengthen a high, thats just the weed

    Tobacco is only harming you more lol.... i dont get the fascination of mixing it with weed, i smoke cigs, but not with my weed.
  3. All in the head dude. Mind over matter, once you truly have your mind focused on wanting to stop smoking for a bit and have the willpower to do so, you will.
  4. with weed you cough up all that black shit but with tobacco you keep it all in your lungs, cut back if you feel the need to and im sure you already know tobacco isn't good for you but i'd cut that out if i were you but it's your body so do what you want. the weed isn't gonna give lung problems though.
  5. Go green bro, i wouldn't ever smoke tobacco out of a bong. fuck that
    If your worried maybe start vaporizing.
  6. That doesnt sound enjoyable it must be harsh as fuck.
  7. If your post is in the slightest way suggesting you are hooked after having had 1/3 of a bowl of tobacco too many... that's the most laughable pathetic thing i've ever heard.

    Come back when you have a real tobacco problem like say 10+ cigarettes a day - then you can start getting taken seriously, you must be on like a 1 a day habit right now..
  8. what you're doing OP isn't uncommon, i know lots of guys that do poppers or yahtis or rockstar tokes as you call them. lots of people just roll spliffs too.
    tobacco is bad for you and addictive. plus, you're no longer filtering the smoke through the cigarette filter which probably acts as a better filter than bong water.
    just stop smoking tobacco and you'll go back to normal.
  9. Yeah pretty much tobacco is not good for your lungs. I mean I smoke blunts but I know that I can't blaze too many cause you end getting kinda addicted to it.
  10. [QUOTE
    Come back when you have a real tobacco problem like say 10+ cigarettes a day - then you can start getting taken seriously, you must be on like a 1 a day habit right now..[/QUOTE]

    yeah but i dont think you smoke 3 unfiltered a day. let alone taking a quarter-full smoke in a drag, unfiltered.

    to everyone else thanks, im definetly trying to quit the tobacco its just such a different high, and you do get high longer, when you burn weed with tobacco it vaporizes the weed at a higher percentage. not sure why but its true.

    the tobacco also opens up your lungs more, alowing you to take bigger hits and absorb more thc from those hits.

    definetly do want to quit but at the same time wish i just diidn't have to smoke it to get hi

  11. This isnt true, just an fyi

    if anything is burning, its not vaporizing it, its combusting it lol when vaporizing you would want temps much lower than fire creates.... and no fire

    Tobacco also paralyzes the cilia in your throat and makes coughing harder and more violent on your throat

    You are experiencing a placebo effect, or your weed is better than you think it is. The tobacco is NOT a catalyst to the high.... lol

    Im a smoker, so dont take this as some anti tobacco crazed shit, but what you are doing is trying to justify smoking tobacco and thats just not the way it is... tobacco is a negative aspect to what you are doing.....
  12. Wow I saw a thread about this once a long time ago but I thought he was bs'ing. Why would anyone put tobacco through their glass? This sounds like a stupid fad, I hope you can quit
  13. In spliffs it is ok, in bongs that is just killing yourself mayne.
  14. I've heard of it but why not just smoke weed then smoke a cigarette after?
  15. If you're really worries, which I mean, you should. Pay for a decent vaporizer and quit cigs. They're not cheap, and it's sure hard to quit nicotine, but it's all for the better, and vape's gets you high with less, as you do not burn the THC, not releasing any THC in the process. Good luck, bro.

    - Serenity
  16. not to sure if im correct but isnt the filter just a piece of cotton? and hookahs and bongs are also used for tobacco, water is quite the filtrator and removes tars and such, once again, not to sure if this is true
  17. I believe the filter is a fiberglass of some sort, I know it melts. When I get home from work tonight ill be toking up, do u think a smoke before is better then mixing? Or just as bad?
  18. i turned down several spliff smoke ups tonight simply because i refuse tobacco. stick with greens man like Sirsog said, smoke weed with nothing EXCEPT more weed. tobacco doesnt do anything for you at all. obviously we smoke flowers for a reason but why be enslaved by tobacco? thats just me to each his own though
  19. [ame=]U MAD BRO? - YouTube[/ame]
  20. First of all to vaporizing. I've tried it and don't enjoy it at all. Half the reason I smoke is that big cloud in my lungs. Fills me up and when I exhale I can see my accomplishment. I find vapour to be half the experiance. I'm sitting at home right now. Plenty of chronic. And all I can thing about is a wiss. I will now take a bong hit of straight greens. (Literally now.)

    The high is alright. Fairly mild and can't rly tell its even here. Definetly more relaxed but only around the eyes and head. When taking the toke I could hold it in and blow it out without too much pain (considering I have a sick throat ATM)

    I will now take a single wiss hit and see the difference. Bad for me? Yes, but one more for the sake of reaserch won't kill me :p

    After that toke I have decided that I am in fact not sick, but have burns or something in my throat from the wiss. Probably one of the most painfully after toke coughs I've had (didn't hack while exhaling thank god, burped instead :p) and I think I should be sticking to greens for a while.

    What do u guys think? Fun stuff or dangerous? I have alot of friends who smoke a pack every three days through the bong and are having crazy coughs and are often sick.

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