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Probably the most retarded question ever

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Erkrez, May 27, 2010.

  1. Sorry if the next doesn't make sense. High as shit right now.

    So anyways as I was getting high I started to think of where I hide my stash, which is an Altoids tin can the cinnamon chocolate ones. So there is still some Altoids in there and what I was wondering is if any of the weed THC could have gone into the altoids and by eating some I could kind of get buzzed.
  2. Won't happen.
  3. Also another stupid question. If I blow smoke into my cats face will it get high?

  4. I doubt a cat has cannabinoid receptors that can bind in its brain. Even if it does, don't do it. Animal abuse. Leave your cat and animals out of it. You have no idea how they'll react.

  5. Yes they can, its cruel and inhumane though. IMO

  6. Also against forum rules.
  7. And it's against GC rules :p
  8. Literally SECONDS apart.
  9. I'm sure the cat won't even know wtf is going on if it gets a buzz, so do it if you want it doesn't really matter tbh, I don't see how it's inhumane though. I dought it'll even get a buzz unless you were constantly blowing the smoke in it's face and if that were the case it would just walk away if t didn't like it.
  10. I didn't mean I was doing it I was just wondering what would happen. Sorry if I didn't get my message across well.
  11. u have to pick n choose your words wisely, especially on GC ;)
  12. Let's talk about stashes and where you guys hide your weed/pieces. I hide mine in an old amplifier. It has plenty of space in the rear for a pipe and everything else I could need.

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