Probably overwatered plant. Will the leaves correct/straight out?

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  1. Hey guys

    I started to grow for a few months ago and I have a problem with a plant.
    The plant came up from earth just 2 days ago, so it have just started to germinate.

    The problem started around last night. Two of the four leaves started to droop.

    Around 6 hours ago I acted. I transplanted the plant into a new pot, (the new pot have better drainage holes in the bottom) I also shifted the earth since the old was a bit wet, but not very wet and also turned on the air circulation system so airflow comes into athe PC grow cabinet the plant is in.
    How likely is it that the plant will correct/straighten up the leaves? Can it be reversed? DSC_0008[1].JPG

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  2. Your baby will straighten out,but you need to get your lights a lot closer. You have a long and lanky baby. Give it a little air circulation a little closer light and you will be find.
  4. You don't need air conditioning on a seedling, you should put some humidity around the baby, feed her lightly just a small amount at the base of it. The whole pot doesn't have to be wet just your early root zone. Ph your water also. You'll be fine
  5. Hey all. Thanks for reply westsidekid. I changed to dry earth, changed pot with better drainage and started the air fan. My baby did straighten out! I have never seen such perfectly horizontal leaves on a plant before. Yeah, Im quite new to this.

    Got a total of 6 babies, they all seem to thrive.
  6. You desperately need a better mix of soil for that plant. These things like a very light and arid soil with very good drainage. What you have in the pot there looks very thick and heavy like it will hold water forever. Amend whatever soil you're using with about 40% perlite. Your plant is drooping because it is drowning. These things do not need watered until they are nearly almost dry since the last time you watered. A new little plant is doing nothing but creating a root system right now. It won't use much water or nutes or anything else until it is finished with it's roots. Once the root system is good, you will notice the foliage start back growing and the plant will start using more water and nutrition. But if your soil is any good at all, the soil will handle the nutes for you until way on down the line in the veg cycle. During the veg cycle, if you pH the water you give to a range of 6.3 to 6.7, have them in the proper kind of soil, understand how to water the plant without drowning it and give it basic good veg lighting, your plant should grow fine. Over watering is the biggest killer of new plants by new growers. Get on the new grower threads here and read some of the posts for beginners. They contain the very basics you need to understand to grow these plants without too much stress and trouble. TWW

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