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  1. If all goes well this will be my first successful grow. I think she looks okay but she's got some little bleachy looking spots. She's on 25% the dose of neuts because I barely introduced her and that's per gallon. And only half the gallon went into a tank of pH balanced water. So it's very diluted. I think maybe too much light (18-6) my wife thinks neut burn. I was just looking for some opinions. That's just a shot of the lights. She's actually right under them, about five inches beneath. Or maybe she's ready to go down to the bigger LED chamber now. Thanks guys
  2. That's not nute burn man, actually looks more like a defficncy..

    What are the temps and humidity ?
  3. And no 18/6 is what you want, how do the roots look? What's the temp of the water?

    You do have a air stone in the res right ?
  4. Its not too much light or nute burn. Its nitrogen deficiency. Very common for clones. Especially clones that weren't cut or taken care of well. Until they root clones live off what's stored in the leaves. Make sure the donor plant is healthy, hydrated and well fed before cutting clones

    18/6 or 24/0 either is fine
  5. It may also be pH drifting upwards....a common problem in RW. On your next use of RW cubes...FLUSH (don't squeeze) tap water through the cube for a good couple of minutes >before< soaking them in 5.5 solution. If you don't flush RW >>>extremely<< well...the limestone dust used in manufacturing the cubes will merely go into solution and will cause an upward pH drift/plant problems withing a few weeks. Can you get enough moisture out of a cube to test the pH of the runoff? I'd start there.

    best of luck with your grow.
  6. Isn't it better for clones to have some dark? I've had better success running 20/4 or 18/6 or even 12/12 until they root and start to veg. The clones I kept on 24/0 took lots longer to root.

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  7. that was probably something else then the lighting. Clones don't need dark, neither do a vegging plants. Ever since I went to strictly 24/0 I have a faster turn over of plants.

    No offense intended bro but you haven't been growing long it could of been some rookie mistakes that caused the longer root time or possibly just the strain.
  8. oh shit... the 24/0 20/4 1/8/6 debate ... it doesnt matter if you look at a group of 100 beginners, or 100 professional growers.. they're all going to tell you why their light schedule is better than the other light schedules.

    as far as the research i've done .. 24-0 has no benefit to 18/6 .. just using more electricity. i've also read that the dark period encourages more root growth
  9. You may have read and researched but i actually experimented. Having a defined area like a scrog screen makes for an easy evaluation. My nets fill faster on 24/0 so my lights stay on 24/0
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  10. Sorry for taking awhile. I crashed out hard last night. Buddy ended up wanting to rage. Actually a deficiency makes most sense. My neuts arrived late I wanted to start them a week ago and only got them a couple days ago.

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