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  1. Just wrapping up my first grow . I was growing Super bud autoflowers and they ran a solid two weeks longer then the strain information states (they state 8 weeks, they took 10) . Is this common place in the seed world, or should I always plan this into the grow?
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  2. Always happens with me.
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  3. from all i’ve seen, with autos almost always yes

    with photoperiod clones you’ll always know when you are gonna harvest down to the which day of the week it’ll be.
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  4. Most my photo grows are within a week or 2 of stated flower length.
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  5. when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram.jpg
    no biggy welcome to the crazy gardening world ..harvest date is choice on trics color selection, clear could be spot on as the sales blurb but most harvest once the trics hit white even amber with some strains

    the good news is now you know that info for your next grow ...should you harvest at the current tric color
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