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probably a noob question: firecracker edition

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by syd.vicious, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. hi everyone! this is my first time posting on here, and i actually made an account for the sole purpose of asking this question because i couldn't find an answer anywhere else.
    i'm making some firecrackers tomorrow and i have a lot of weed to go through. i've seen many videos and posts about people making single dose firecrackers, but never any about making multiple at a time. so that brings me to my question. am i able to put multiple foil-wrapped firecrackers in the oven at a time? ...let me explain better, because of course i could. however, would i need to adjust the baking time or temperature? or would i still be able to follow the temperature and bake time instructions for a single dose? all of the recipes/videos i've seen over them instruct you to bake the single firecracker for about 25 minutes give or take. i'm making them at a friend's house, so i won't have time to do them one at a time. thanks in advance to anyone who can help out.
  2. The simple answer is yes you can cook as many at once as will fit. No you don't need to change the time or temps.

    Now, My 2 cents since I make Hash Capsules for my medical issue and I do know a good edible from a poor one.

    Firecrackers are one of the worst way of making edibles. I don't know which of the dozens of halfassed recipes your attempting but I'll toss in a little free advice.
    Decarb the weed first. 240 F for 40 minutes. Just buds on a cookie sheet in the oven uncovered.

    Grind decarbed weed to dust. As fine as you can get. Mix with Coconut oil if possible or any cooking oil. Just enough oil to wet the weed dust. Add oiled dust to peanut butter. Spread on crackers, Cook 10-15 min. Done. Likely don't even need the 2nd heat as it's active after the decarb and eating the powder alone will stone you.

    Decarbing changes the THC-a into the active version THC. 25 minutes mixed in PB isn't enough time unless you decarb first.

  3. Firecracker recipes fit into a couple of different categories.
    Some recipes do a partial in-air decarb, followed by a high temp in-oil decarb.
    Other recipes, like the one you're considering, do a 1-stage in-oil decarb.
    I have a higher opinion of firecrackers than BrassNwood above does, but you'll have a significantly better result if you follow his advice.
    I frequently make "firecracker spread" like BrassNwood suggests, and it's very good.

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