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Probably a dumb question.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BearKush, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Why are certain bongs or brands more expensive? I'm guessing its down to the blower/technology implemented and even types of glass.

    So why are Roor's premium? etc.
  2. why are macs so fucking expensive even though they aren't any better than windows?

    because idiots and marketing.
  3. ^ I was going to say what makes a Louis Vuitton purse more expensive than a Guess purse? What "marketers" would call Brand Recognition.

    Imo. Windows is pushing it with their pricing on some of their "high-end" laptops ..and I see a lot of knock-off brands (aesus/acer/etc) starting to use almost the same design as Mac on their laptops. The

    To a certain extent things like the quality of the product, design and then the rest of it is just marketing. :smoking:
  4. Macs are way better then windows, and sometimes its cool to show off a branded bong or what not
  5. The thickness and quality of the glass means alot. Obviously more intricate bongs that take longer to create are going to be more expensive. Our economy is pretty damn efficient, meaning for the most part you get what you pay for.
  6. I have a Mac and a Windows PC. I use my macbook while traveling and for other stuff out and about. Mac V PC is a completely different argument though as they actually are different and aimed at different markets. (obviously you can do similar things on both) As for a bong though it only has one purpose to smoke weed through.
  7. yah but the point wasn't what you could do with it... its the fact that ones going to run you 700$ while the other one is going to run you 300...

    you said it urself they both do the same shit so why would you spend more on something thats going to do the exact same as something else?
  8. Not sure where you buy your $300 computers at but I want in on that deal! And I don't quite agree that they do the exact same thing. Macs are definitely superior for image and video manipulation but If I want to play games and save some money I will just build myself a desktop. I like being able to customize my machines and with Macs you simply don't have that freedom. It's similar to most luxery vs dometic cars. I would prefer a cheaper car that I can tinker with, rather than a 100,000 euro that won't even let me change my own oil.

  9. I agree paying more for something that is exactly the same as something which is cheaper is silly but I'd like to see you compare a £300 PC to a £900 Mac. The mac would just destroy it in any benchmarks. (comparing laptops here) A £50 bong is going to deliver the same high as a £1000 one but a £50 PC is not going to be anything like a £500 PC. Need to stop comparing PC's to bongs lol it doesn't really work. Kinda answered my own question now though...
  10. Back to OP's question...

    Like other's said, brand recognition and marketing. I would never pay $600 for a PHX/ROOR/Name Brand Glass unless it's on a super sale and I'm talking like 50% off!

    Support your LHS. Glass blowers are usually chill and for example if you see like say the Swiss Perc bong, just bring in a picture and usually no problem making something similar for 1/2 the price.

    And don't be shy about being a stickler for detail. I'm currently having my LHS do a custom bowl piece for me and the first time around I was like no you got it all wrong because they want you to be happy, too.

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