Probably a dumb question but i need to know

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  1. Im starting my first indoor grow soon and i need to know if i can use normal soil from da ground or do i need proper soil from a shop?
  2. You can use soil from the ground, but your risking a lot to be honest. Good, healthy soil is not expensive and will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.
  3. If you use good soil with a fair amount of organic matter in it- like from a garden, or the woods- you can. Don't use "dead-looking" dirt from a parking lot! Cannabis likes a rich, "fluffy" soil.

    Dampen your soil and get it steaming hot in your microwave to kill any bugs or fungi. (This will be smelly to do, but doesn't take long.) Let it cool completely and plant your sprouted seeds.
  4. The problem with soil from the ground is that it contains bugs, parasites, other seeds/spores, etc. If you use soil from the ground it is a good idea to sterilize it by cooking it in the oven. I have never done it because it's a lot easier to buy, plus it apparently stinks the house up when you sterilize it using the oven.
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  6. If you use soil from the ground, mix in peat moss or pearlite or vermiculite. These loosen the soil and allow quick root growth. Ground soil is also very likely to have things like spider mites or other nasties. Purchased potting soil is not sterile but it's much less likely to cause infestation problems or mold, etc. Use pearlite or whatever also.
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    i read somewhere that said if u really wanna use outdoor soil u should bake it lol, it was on 350 for an hr, i was lmfao when i read it, but sounds logical. they also said be prepared for your house to smell like shit. and u need to add to add something like hygrozme.

    so all in all prolly best for u to go buy some soil from a grow store lol
  8. buy soil...

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