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  1. im doing a course at uni which is based twoards video and for a one of my next projects im thinking about making a pro weed video. they probably wouldnt have any problem with me making it as long as it met the project requirements and didnt do anything visably illegal in it.

    obviously making a propaganda video with my name slapped across it could be quite a silly thing to do. if i ever decide to grow id hate to have the association even though everybody already knows i smoke.

    im thinking of doing the whole thing in a 70s school science lesson style video, which is presented by me and some other people as the scientists. that way we should be able to hide our identities if we decide to show actual smoking.

    im just wondering what you guys think. would you do somthing like this? its basically a mass admission to all my tutors that i smoke, but then again i wear white vans with big ganj leaves on every couple of days so its not like they havnt guessed already.

    id like to think that my video itself would be enoiugh to not get me into any trouble, but some people are born ignorant.

    what other videos would you recommend i look at as to weigh up the competition?
  2. Whats it for?

    I'd go for something like... A kid goes to his dealer and takes a brown bag form him, and hands him some cash... Then the dealers like hey, you want tobuy some coke too? And the kid looks at him with a dirty look and goes "Uhh.... No dude, I'm not into drugs." Then it plays some funny music and goes to a black page with text/logos... Marijuana is not a gateway drug.

    Or... A kid wakes up halfway on his bed, room a mess, with his shoes still on, beer all over him, a headache, and he rushes to the bathroom and pukes, moaning.

    Then it fades out... And fades in.

    Another kid (obviously a stoner... Put like stoner posters on his wall or just have him wearing a tie die shirt with flipflops or something) wakes up in his bed. He goes to the window, opens it, and takes a deep breath, and smiles.

    Then say somethign good abotu weed.
  3. no i want to make a serious documentry based on fact and opinions of the public.

    if i was to make it dramatised i am inevitably reducing any credability it has by showing it purely from the view of the stoners. i dont want non stoners watching it and complaining its biased. which they would.

    if i hit them with facts, and keep it unbiased it shouldnt be a problem.
  4. This is what i would do:

    SCENE:1 At a big party where alcohol is involved. Make sure everyone gets nice and
    toasted and you'll have your footage shortly.

    SCENE:2 Same night, different party. This will be a house where the same age group
    adults are just chilling at a friends house just talkin, laughin havin a good
    time. Next a guy trips and pushes the guy closest to him in the back resulting in a broken piece.
    Then the creapy sound of complete awkward silence as people intently look
    as to see what happens next. The guy who got pushed takes a joint out of
    the other kids ear and says "temporary payment" with a big smile as everyone laughs.

    You can do this with the same scenerio in SCene one with the Alcohol party
    to show effects of alcohol vs. MJ
  5. thats reminds me of a video i did on cocaine in high school... My friends gathered around me (the dealer) and i pulled out a full scale lol, the kind that you wieigh yourself on. Then we positioned the camera to just focus on the scale and i dropped a baggie full or Poprocks on it :D Good times. Try to make the video funny if you can.
  6. The longer we stay quite about the fact that we smoke the longer it will stay stigmatized. If you let people know you do it and that you are okay with it, then others will feel more comfortable to come clean as well.

    Being who you are paves the path to be who you are. Not being grows a person like a gnarled and knotted tree. BE.:smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:

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