Pro-tip for dealers: Dress Better

Discussion in 'General' started by Sinnerman, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. I buy weed/hash from two different guys, and both of these guys look EXACTLY like a drug dealer would look. Baggy unkempt weird clothes, buzz cut haircut, and look like they didn't shower for a few days. The way they stand around they look sooooo damn suspicious it's ridiculous. Both of these guys have been dealing for a long time too.

    Seriously guys, I've never dealt drugs or anything, but dressing a bit better and looking more like an ordinary person would really make it safer and easier for you to deal drugs no?

    Haha I just had this thought and I wanted to share.
  2. They've been dealing for a long time, sounds like what they're doing is working.

    I see your point though.
  3. I think it just becomes a habit to wear baggier clothing. When I use to, I found I slowly started wearing more suspicious clothing like hoodies and baggy pants unintentionally.
  4. My old dealer was Romanian and dressed super nice lol
  5. get your shit from a more reputable person and maybe you will see thats not always the case.. yes most underage dealers dress this way because they feel, because they sell drugs they are gangster duh!
  6. so because the two dealers you know out of like 1,000,000 dont dress nicely and have poor hygiene, means that every other dealer in the world is the same way? talk about generalizations...

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