Pro Plus....My New Party Friend?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by M369, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Im not sure on the availabilty of these in the states but i know you can get them everywhere in the Uk. Basicaly they are pills with a high caffeine content taken to make the user more awake. Each tablet contains 50mg of caffine(about 1 cup of coffie).
    I've made this thread to basicaly see if anyone else has taken these before and how they found them?
    I used to be into heavy drugs to keep me up while out on a night out but stopped because they started controling my life.
    A year later i've found pro plus and WOW. They actually work. Even when sticking to the recomended dosage(which is 2 every 2 hours i think) they work wonders and really get you moving. BUT when you take say 6 in 2 hours it changes to a feeling very simular to speed or coke. Wierd to explain but really a simular feeling. And lasted untill the early hours of the morning.
    Now i know the dangers of caffine and the problems it can cause....even death. So im very carful with the amount i put in my body in one night. But deffinatly worth trying, especialy if your finding it difficult to have a good night without speed or coke. I've even heard you can snort them and it increases the potency.
    Anyway just thought id see if anyone has any experiance with caffeine pills....
  2. Personally I wouldn't waste my time & money because caffeine doesn't do shit to me. I used to intake about 300-600mg per day all it did was keep me up for a few hours and then leave me WAY dead tired after.
  3. i take vyvanse for a.d.d. and that keeps me awake real good

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