Pro mix hp Question! should i amend it ? plz help

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  1. hey all, i am currently at the beginning of my first grow and have 3 fem white widow babies in organic potting soil under a 300w led in my tent , i originally planned to use some fox farm soil and few amendments , but the person at the hydro store said if i was not stuck on fox farm they would go with pro mix hp with mycorrhizae, as i was planning on using liquid nutrients, (emerald harvest) . what are your thoughts on this ? did he lead me astray ? if not, what amendments would you guys recommend adding into the Pro Mix if any ??? thanks :)
  2. I use the proMix hp w/myc, to be honest u don't need to add anything. If you are transplanting, then add some rooting powder and that’s fine. Once you pot, for a few weeks you’ll be fine, but after, start adding your nutrients.

    Also i would recommend that you add perlite to your soil because the soil it self doesn’t have enough perlite to provide good aeration for your roots.

  3. thank you so much for the reply man! i appreciate your time @WeedGrowsOnTrees , I just transplanted from my peat cups into 2 gallon pots.. i hope i did not go too big on the first transplant. but nice big healthy roots were starting to poke through the bottom of the pots.. i figured the less transplants the better, i plan to go from the 2 gallon to 7 gallon when ready, what do you think. i picked up two 10 litre bags of perlite today and added in approximately 20 percent perlite to the pro mix when i transplanted, cause the mix already has 10 or so from what i hear,, i did water with a weak dose of my emerald harvest grow, bloom, micro upon transplanting i hope that was not a bad idea, and i am not rushing the nutes, they seem very healthy though.. and the bottle has a recommended dose for seedlings ! thoughts? again i appreciate your input very much!
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  4. Aha glad I could help. You are doing great! No need to worry about your pot size. Just water near the stem, a diameter just bigger than your initial pea pot. Increase the area you water slowly after your second or third watering. Back off the nutes for a while. Also you shouldn’t be using your ‘bloom’ nutrient till flower stage. The bloom nutrient should be high in phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K), and should only be used in the flowering stage for bigger buds, and - well - bigger blooms.

  5. haha thanks man ! heres the girls.. i made the mistake of watering most of the medium already i guess haha, oh well it was a light watering and should dry soon, i will water closer to the root zone only next time. and really ? i guess i must have misread the labels on them, i could have sworn it recommends using all 3 the whole time just in different amounts. let me look into this again haha..

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  6. I just checked emerald harvest’s website for the feeding chart, and you are right. Never seen bloom be recommended for veg stage lol. Your girls are really small still so like I said before, back off the nutes for a week or two because you really wouldn’t want to burn the plants.

    Good luck with your gals!
  7. haha yeah it threw me off at first too. okay i will not feed any more for a week atleast! and see how they adjust to their new home! thanks for the advice !

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