Pro-Mix BX or HP?

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  1. I have done quite a bit of research and am caught in a predicament. From all of the forums I've read it seems as though if I were to get pro mix BX it would be in the plants benefit to mix in dolomite lime, perlite, and earth worm castings. If I were to go with the HP, most forums don't say anything about added ingredients other than a couple forums which state the HP needs some extra dolomite lime. Right now I'm leaning more toward the HP as it is a little cheaper, and it does not contain vermiculite which retains too much water and possibly messes with the pH. What do other growers prefer, HP or BX? I am also growing autoflowers and not transplanting, so I'm starting the seedlings in pro mix, which would be better or are they both about the same? Thanks to anyone who answers!

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  2. Auto's don't like a lot of fertilizer, particularly nitrogen based ones early on.
    Low nutrient, well drained soil gives them the best start. Can't recommend a brand in the States as I'm in Europe but biobizz light mix does a good job.
  3. Im using BX right now and fucking love it. My plants are so healthy - of course you want to add about 15-20% more perlite and if you can throw a bit of extra dolomite lime in there to help stabilize pH.
  4. How much lime would you suggest? A lot of threads say 1 cup per cubic foot, does that sound about right?

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